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28 Aug, 2015, 10:03
5 holiday activities perfect for families  
Lucy Barker

Don’t waste your holiday lazing on a beach. Lucy Barker has some more adventurous options.

7 Aug, 2015, 14:56
5 of the best wildlife holidays around the world  
Lucy Barker

The world’s iconic wildlife species are everywhere endangered. Lucy Barker highlights the best places on the planet to get up close and personal with animals of all kinds.

7 Aug, 2015, 10:17
The ultimate guide to safety on the beach  
Marlene Kenese

An average of 65 people drown every year on British Beaches. Marlene Kenese has put together this life-saving infographic that tells you what to watch out for – and how to react.

1 Apr, 2015, 17:37
A beginner’s guide to the dread game of golf  
Martin Oliver

Even golfers struggle to explain just what it is they like about the game. Martin Oliver’s shot-by-shot account of a long hot day on a golf course is unlikely to make many new converts.

12 Jan, 2015, 13:26
Learning life lessons from penguin society  
Bonnie Lynn

Go past the Falklands and beyond South Georgia and you finally hit Antarctic ice. Bonnie Lynn cruises south and finds the social life of penguins provides a timely life lesson.

19 Nov, 2014, 13:54
Protect your travel plans with  
Lucy Barker

If your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked you now have a legal right to compensation. Lucy Barker surveys your rights – and has some advice to help you claim.

8 Oct, 2014, 12:43
Travel and health – the value of a wellbeing focus  
Emily McLaren

Incurable wanderluster Emily McLaren says travel is great, but you should always keep a weather eye on your health. Each travel experience brings both physical and mental issues and potential threats.

16 Sep, 2014, 07:30
Foreign-set fiction – the best travel companion  
Tony Geary

There are some great books set overseas and Tony Geary says the research and local knowledge that shines from the page can illuminate aspects that guidebooks miss. His new site links books to places.

11 Sep, 2014, 12:10
Have e-cig, will travel? Not everywhere you won’t…  
Paul Woollacombe

Regulations on e-cigarettes vary widely around the world. They’re banned in Brazil, Argentina and even Mexico – who would have guessed? Paul Woollacombe presents a useful interactive map.

22 Jul, 2014, 10:27
Five incredible destinations you can visit on a UK cruise holiday  
Lucy Barker

Cruises from the UK are no longer just short trips around the British Islands or over to nearby Europe. Lucy Barker finds that they’re increasingly going long haul.

24 Jun, 2014, 19:26
A beer drinker’s guide to cheapskate travel  
David Adelman

Drink beer on holiday but unsure of how that will hit your travel costs? Don’t worry. David Adelman has the ultimate infographic guide. There are no stats about taste or quality but, on vacation, sometimes only price matters.

11 Jun, 2014, 13:23
How to crack your destination wedding planning  
Ava Watkins

Getting married involves a lot of planning – and so does choosing a honeymoon. Ava Watkins says you can simplify matters by combining both: get married abroad.

21 May, 2014, 12:58
Celebrating retirement with a long cruise  
Lucy Barker

If you’ve spent a lifetime constrained by limited holiday time, retirement is when you can really stretch your travel wings. Lucy Barker says that once you’ve stopped working it’s time to book a really massive cruise.

20 May, 2014, 19:32
Happy getaways to cheer you up!  
Ava Watkins

Everyone can be revitalised by a sudden change of pace. Ava Watkins presents an inspirational guide to activity holidays that can be enjoyed from the UK – or beyond.

27 Mar, 2014, 14:24
Living the dream in a VW Campervan  
Steve Robbins

Steve and Wendi Robbins are well into their fifth year of travel in their trusty Volkswagon campervan. Here they tell what keeps them on the road – and how they can still afford to travel.

11 Mar, 2014, 17:36
Just how stupid can packaged travellers be?  
Caroline Bransby-Williams

Very stupid, if you believe this list of real-life complaints, alleged to have been made to travel giant Thomas Cook. Caroline Bransby-Williams has the scoop.

23 Feb, 2014, 14:17
A guide to world football – specially in Brazil  
Martin Oliver

To many people football is a passion even more important than travel. In this extract from his book, ‘The Never Lonely Planet’, Martin Oliver finds the two can perfectly combine.

14 Feb, 2014, 12:43
Ski insurance: the do’s and do nots  
Lucy Barker

As snow covers the mountains of Europe and North America, skiers head to the slopes. Lucy Barker points out the need for specialist winter travel insurance.

15 Jan, 2014, 16:54
How to photograph the Northern Lights  
Mark Hayward

The sun is now approaching the most intense part of its 11-year cycle, but it’s not easy to photograph the elusive Aurora Borealis. Mark Hayward asks the experts how and where to catch the Northern Lights on camera,

11 Dec, 2013, 16:03
Six novel holidays in Man Booker prize locations  
Nicola Yeeles

The 2013 Man Booker fiction prize shortlist is more cosmopolitan than ever. Nicola Yeeles sets out six major destinations brought to life by the writers.

10 Dec, 2013, 12:16
Five good reasons for an artist to travel  
Elisa Korenne

You don’t need to be an artist to make the most of some travel time, but it sure helps. Singer/songwriter Elisa Korenne shares five good reasons to start a new adventure.

7 Nov, 2013, 22:34
An alt-country guide to music destinations  
Jade Williams

Lead singer of the Grand Old Grizzlys, Will Thomas has sung his way halfway round the world. Here he reveals the five greatest countries and cities that have fuelled his musical inspiration.

22 Oct, 2013, 13:35
Dressing the stewardesses for a new era of travel  
Leslie Sinclair

The history of air travel has seen plenty of change, but one thing remains constant: the stewardesses who ply the centre aisle, dispensing food and drink. Leslie Sinclair charts the decades through their changing uniforms.

15 Oct, 2013, 14:24
Villa destinations: the top three  
Lucy Barker

When it comes to a family holiday or an ultimately intimate getaway, a private villa is the way to go. Lucy Barker runs through the world’s top villa destinations.

11 Oct, 2013, 11:11
A hip-hop guide to the world’s best music cities  

Jame Sobers, professionally known as BluRum13, recently toured the world in search of musical inspiration. In Europe’s greatest cities he found the hip-hop genre alive and well. Here he reveals the best music scenes.

27 Sep, 2013, 08:59
Three great ‘history holiday’ destinations  
Kieran Chapman

Not everyone travels to tan on a beach. Kieran Chapman outlines three of places where the ancient world’s greatest achievements are still on view today.

25 Jun, 2013, 15:34
It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Steamship Anymore  
Gavin Duncan

Forget the traditional cruise-ship image. Gavin Duncan says that these days there’s a cruise to suit every taste.

3 May, 2013, 16:24
Travelling to seal the father/daughter bond  
Dan Beckmann

Dan Beckmann, like many dads, has to fight to retain a stable relationship with his growing daughter. Travelling together, he finds, has really helped.

25 Apr, 2013, 18:56
Where are you from? Don’t know, don’t care  
Anna Rudycheva

Anna Rudycheva takes a discursive look at the nature of nationality. It’s over-rated, she says, and not remotely important.

1 Mar, 2013, 14:47
Recession-busting travel tips  
Madeleine Wilson

Just because money is tight there’s no need to cancel your travel plans. Madeleine Wilson has some budget-stretching plans to stretch your travel pounds.

8 Feb, 2013, 08:29
SUV exploits to drive your new year  
Cathy Richmond

Make this the year of the major Road Trip. Cathy Richmond runs through some of the world’s finest SUV driving routes.

7 Jan, 2013, 15:40
Extravagant travel for trust fund babes  
Jack Barker

For some travellers money is no object. Jack Barker runs through some travel options for those young women with more cash than Caligula who want to see the world in style.

18 Dec, 2012, 17:37
Where to celebrate New Year  
Matt Coe

New Year’s Eve is one of those celebrations that can really fall flat – and winter weather does nothing to help. Matt Coe has some useful suggestions for places to see in 2013 in style.

29 Nov, 2012, 16:42
Best streets for Christmas lights  
John Miller

One of the few things to brighten this gloomy time of year are the Christmas lights that mark the start of the festive season. John Miller selects the world’s finest four displays.

16 Nov, 2012, 17:02
Hiking: the Essential Kit  
Simone Visser

Call it hike, trek or stomp, on a serious expedition it is vital to be properly equipped. Simone Visser runs through the items you should certainly take – and those you can leave behind.

14 Nov, 2012, 22:00
Top Emerging Travel Destinations  
Laura Williams

Travel frontiers are on the move. Laura Williams runs through the hot emerging destinations for travellers determined to stay on the cutting edge.

19 Oct, 2012, 15:57
Holiday and Travel Essentials  
Ann Wright

Planning a holiday? Ann Wright has a travel checklist to help you on your way.

18 Oct, 2012, 13:48
The Five Best Budget Holiday Villa Destinations for 2013  
Frank Warner

When money’s tight villa holidays are the best way to cut costs. Frank Warner says the global recession has thrown up even greater bargains for your next trip, and runs through the countries where bargains can be found.

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