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Americas   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Rattled Up Roraima  
Tanya Abramsky

There’s a reason why Venezuela’s famous mountain was the setting for ‘The Lost World’. It’s not easy to get there. Tanya Abramsky makes it to the top.

Central Asia   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
White-Knuckle Ship of Fools  
Jim Soliski

You don’t have to trek to find a wild time in Nepal. Jim Soliski takes to the water for a three-day blast of whitewater travel.

Europe   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
When Cows Come Home  
Paul Dodson

Paul Dodson finds a ‘pitiful weekend in Luxembourg’ transformed by weirdness. Art that moos.

Asia Pacific   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Valentine’s Day Travel  
Leanne Currie-McGhee

Leanne Currie-McGhee celebrates Valentine’s Day by stretching out for the night on a Vietnamese train. Now that is real romance

Africa   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Elephant Tailback  
Donald Hadden

In Kariba there are more elephants than cars. And they cause traffic problems all of their own. Donald Hadden waits for the road to clear.

Asia Pacific   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Neon and Firecrackers – Bangkok’s Patpong Road  
Paul Dodson

It’s a brave man who ventures into Bangkok’s Patpong district. Paul Dodson cruises the red lights and brings back a first-hand review

Asia Pacific   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Flight to Fox  
Mark Campbell

When it comes to New Zealand’s highest hikes, the Fox Glacier is often overlooked. Not by Mark Campbell who strides away from the crowds.

Europe   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
The Perils of Parking in Porto  
Kristina Johnson

Arrive with a car in any city in Portugal and you’re likely to become a key part of the local economy, finds Kristina Johnson, as the vagrants target her shiny rental car.

Pole to Pole   27 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Discovering Deception Island  
Rod Eime

Deceptively Distant is Deception Island. Rod Eime heads to Antarctica to file this chilling report.

Americas   26 Sep, 2001, 09:00
Bill Bell

Bill Bell takes a road trip across Mexico

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