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Asia Pacific   7 Dec, 2001, 09:00
Singapore Sling  
Johanna Roughley

Johanna Roughley finds Asia’s model state still slings her a surprise or two in a three-day visit.

Asia Pacific   4 Dec, 2001, 09:00
The Real Japan  
Peter Dawson

Peter Dawson hikes the mountains of Japan to find there’s Shinto in them thar hills.

Americas   4 Dec, 2001, 09:00
Diving to Death  
Kristina Johnson

Not all scuba diving is fun, as Kristina Johnson discovers when she takes to the water off Honduras – and panics.

Europe   2 Dec, 2001, 09:00
EuroTour Italy  

When Americans Wayne L Mory and Marcia Snyder tour Europe they do it fast and thoroughly. 2001 is the year they hit northern Italy.

Central Asia   2 Dec, 2001, 09:00
Dung-fueled Dinner  
Andrew Greene

Andrew Greene takes a trip out to Rajastan’s greatest desert on a four-legged vehicle that dumps fuel for cooking.

Asia Pacific   2 Dec, 2001, 09:00
Meandering up the Mekong  
Todd Price

Todd Price takes a wander – with his camera – up the Mekong River to the laid-back Lao city of Luang Phrabang.

Europe   2 Dec, 2001, 09:00
Meet the Pitebo Family  
Andreas Grundtvig

Internet romance gets serious when it’s time to meet the in-laws. Andreas Grundtvig nervously flies in to northern Sweden to a town famous for its ‘Nookie Nights’ to meet the Pitebo family.

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