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Asia Pacific   27 Feb, 2003, 14:41
Meandering up the Mekhong  
Hamish Chalmers

Hamish Chalmers finds the Mekhong’s the best route into Laos is travelling from the Thai border to Luang Prabang on a traditional river boat. The first thing he discovers is that a bucket over the head makes you feel… wetter. Good pics.

Africa   27 Feb, 2003, 14:11
Out of Africa – Too  
Jon Blanc

Jon Blanc breaks the Great White Hunter stereotype on his site, which celebrates the human wealth of East Africa.

Americas   27 Feb, 2003, 13:44
Farting for America  
David Peevers

Californian mountain guides keep several steps ahead of their flatlander climbing clients. David Peevers finds out why, and feels strangely better.

Africa   27 Feb, 2003, 13:25
At Home with the Omo  
Melissa Lunstead

Tourists arriving at Africa’s last tribal wilderness, Ethiopa’s Omo valley, are bringing change. Melissa Lunstead finds the influence of the West a mixed blessing.

Central Asia   27 Feb, 2003, 13:07
Raving about Red Square  
David Hessell

Ten days in Russia start in Red Square for photographer David Hessell, who finds little beyond his camera’s lens.

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 19:25
Snowboarding Risks  
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

More dangerous than skiing, snowboarding presents some serious risks. The Chartered Society of Physios has some cautionary words for those not quite as young as they think.

Pole to Pole   26 Feb, 2003, 19:01
Working a Passage  
David Tanen

Working a passage isn’t an easy way to travel anymore. It’s increasingly difficult to get work on merchant ships. Hats off, then, to David Tanen, who’s persistence in Melbourne gets him half-way round the world.

Americas   26 Feb, 2003, 18:43
Highway One to Nowhere  
Lucia Appleby

From Tijuana, Highway One heads south to meet, eventally, glitz and glamour. Halfway Lucia Appleby finds nowhere, certainly the best bit, and stops.  Far enough and fair enough.

Asia Pacific   26 Feb, 2003, 17:38
Fraser Island Freak-Out  
Maggi Jones

Four carrier bags and a good set of feet are all you need to explore Australia’s Fraser Island, says Maggi Jones, who doesn’t mind one bit that the four-wheel-drive brigade won’t talk to her.

Central Asia   26 Feb, 2003, 17:25
Overland through Central Asia  
Jim Hershberg

It’s never been hugely easy to cross from Russia into Central Asia. Jim Hershberg doesn’t let this discourage him at all. He takes his wife.

Asia Pacific   26 Feb, 2003, 17:08
Polo Time for Elephants  
Nazir Keshvani

Playing polo with ponies is too tame for Nazir Keshvani, who saddles up a jumbo for a game in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Asia Pacific   26 Feb, 2003, 15:51
Taking time in Thailand  
Steve Naber

It takes a while to get the Thais to open up. Steve Naber gets off the beaten trail in a leisurely tour of the inland regions.

Americas   26 Feb, 2003, 15:41
Lost in Death Valley  
Faiz Kermani

Most visitors to Death Valley at least carry a good map, or know where they’re going. Faiz Kermani does neither, thus getting really off the beaten track and uncovering the mystery of Seldom Seen Slim.

Americas   26 Feb, 2003, 15:22
Not Bright Lights, Not Big City  
Faiz Kermani

Most visitor’s to California’s Death Valley make sure they take a decent map. Not Faiz Kermani, who finds this is a sure way to get well off the beaten track.

Americas   26 Feb, 2003, 15:14
Secret Oahu  
Everett Sizemore

With more websites per head of population than anywhere else in the world, Hawaii might seem well covered. But expert Everett Sizemore knows the best places to go.

Africa   26 Feb, 2003, 14:58
Under Kenya’s Southern Cross  
Lyn Fox

In Kenya, Lyn Fox discovers that even the smallest animals bite, rainforest needs to be hacked through, and trigger-happy roadblocks can be traumatic. Will he ever reach the coast?

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 14:25
Travel Advisories “Kill Third World Children”  
Eturbo News

Travel Advice issued by the governments of the First World are destroying the livelihoods of those struggling for survival in the Third.

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 14:25
Tibet Trouble  
Tibet Information Network

The Chinese authorities are swamping out Tibetan guides with a new flood of Chinese nationals and repressive regulations. The Tibet Information Network reports what’s going on in China’s unhappy colony.

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 14:16
Malaria – Dishing the Dirt on a small buzzing foe  
Faiz Kermani

It’s still on the rise worldwide, and drugs are losing the war. Dr Faiz Kermani says Malarial mosquitos can fly 14 miles.

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 14:12
Are We Having Fun Yet?  
Peter Franzese

Peter Franzese rips the velcro off the concept of ‘Adventure Travel’.

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 13:59
Travelmag’s Print Baby  
Jack Barker

Travelmag Editor Jack Barker wrote a thriller some time ago. Now he’d like you to buy it. Find out more.

Editorials   26 Feb, 2003, 13:49
Pop-up Mosquito Nets  
Jack Barker

Forget expensive Malarone. The Pyramid Pop-Up Mosquito Net is the latest weapon in the fight against Malaria. 

Americas   25 Feb, 2003, 14:01
A River Roars Through it  
David Peevers

Whitewater rafting’s too mild a term for the trip David Peevers makes along the wild rapids of the ‘Killer’ Kern.

Americas   24 Feb, 2003, 14:06
A Boy and his Castle  
David Peevers

Randolph Hearst shows what happens when huge amounts of money meet a warped imagination. But David Peevers finds Hearst Castle oddly endearing.

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