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Asia Pacific   25 Mar, 2003, 18:57
Classic Overland  
Jake Rusznyak

Travelling from the Himalayas through India, Nepal, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, South African Jake Rusznyak discovers life on a shoestring and a lot more besides. Great pictures too. 

Africa   24 Mar, 2003, 19:29
Clicking onto Masai Time  
Derek Fehmers

Sun-up, cattle eat: sundown, watch out for lion. Your average pastoral tribesman might have many pressures but knowing the exact time shouldn’t be that important. Not so, finds Derek Fehmers, when a Masai herder takes a liking to his watch.

Americas   24 Mar, 2003, 19:00
Eco-Gringo on the Run  
Steve Hendricks

It’s not easy being an eco-warrior, even in Central America’s capital of political correctness. Steve Hendricks finds his environmental sensitivities – combined with a courageous lack of tact – means that he’s now target numero uno for the Costa Rican Army.

Asia Pacific   24 Mar, 2003, 18:37
Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge  
Anthony Morrissey

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a very handy prop to help sell postcards, and also bumps up property prices. Generally it is useful to drive across, or just to keep into the view. Not for Anthony Morrissey, who tries to climb it. At night.

Africa   24 Mar, 2003, 17:46
The Kindest Cut  
Kate Matthams

Getting circumsized isn’t the most obviously clever start to a night out. Kate Matthams finds, in Morocco, it’s a good  excuse for a party, but then she celebrates with the women while it’s the men getting the snip.

Europe   24 Mar, 2003, 17:19
Perfecting Paris  
Mia Palmer

When it comes to the world’s capital of romance, there’s a new expert. Mia Palmer finds love thanks to Easyjet, but finds time to point out the finer features of the urban transit system.

Central Asia   16 Mar, 2003, 19:50
Georgian Grass is Greener  
Julie Guyot

Julie Guyot delves into the hidden drug culture of Georgia in a thoroughly researched feature that just might keep you out of jail.

Asia Pacific   16 Mar, 2003, 19:12
A Whale of a Time  
Glynn Greensmith

Whale enthusiast Glynn Greensmith sets out from Sydney Harbour in search of the world’s greatest mammals, but ends up seeing more of his fellow passengers.  Not an altogether pretty sight. 

Asia Pacific   16 Mar, 2003, 18:57
Red Lights in Seoul  
Jim Marquez

only sometimes mean stop. Jim Marquez tries his luck amongst the TEFL teachers in South Korea’s capital city.

Asia Pacific   16 Mar, 2003, 07:59
All You Need are Neighbours  
Laura Bennett

Some visitors struggle to find tourist attractions in Melbourne. Not Laura Bennett, addict of Grundy tv’s greatest hits. She heads for Ramsay Street.

Americas   15 Mar, 2003, 19:35
Retracing ‘La Ruta Maya’  
Joanna Jane Smith

Joanna Jane Smith finds plenty of the Maya culture remains on her classic tour through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

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