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Asia Pacific   30 Apr, 2003, 23:24
Lessons of a Language Teacher  
Matt Pointon

Teaching Engliish in Japan is a specialised skill. Matt Pointon finds his curriculum is suddenly extended.

Europe   30 Apr, 2003, 23:04
The Romance of Romania  
Mariya Kagan

21st century hostels have moved on. Catherine Gilvarry, content editor of, says it’s time to use the internet to plan ahead.

Asia Pacific   30 Apr, 2003, 22:52
A Yank Australianed  
Lee Patton

Straying into Canberra, a visiting American might expect some abuse. What with the war and all. Lee Patton dives into fire and survives.

Central Asia   30 Apr, 2003, 22:32
China’s SARS strangles Tibet  
Tibet Information Network

China might be the source of the world’s most recent health panic, but it’s Tibet that, so far, seems to be paying the price.

Europe   26 Apr, 2003, 08:30
Try a Train  
Kate Matthams

Agatha Christie didn’t do much for the reputation of travel by rail. Too many passengers ended up dead. But European trains are OK, says Kate Matthams, who has tried a few. They seduce her, apparently.

Americas   26 Apr, 2003, 07:30
Peaceful Placencia  
Theodor Grossman

Theodor Grossman settles down to the gentle pace of life on Belize’s Caribbean coast.

Central Asia   26 Apr, 2003, 07:01
Castaway on the Maldives  
Nazir Keshvani

It’s meant to offer a Robinson Crusoe experience, but Nazir Keshvani doubts the world’s most famous castaway ever had table tennis or spa treatments.

Asia Pacific   26 Apr, 2003, 06:48
Backpacking Australasia  
Rachel Salberg

Australia’s bigger than Kansas. Bigger even than the US. This does affect Rachel Salberg’s backpacking epic across Oz and New Zealand. It makes it longer.

Asia Pacific   23 Apr, 2003, 15:41
Taveuni — Paradise Found  
Les Furnanz

Fiji’s Taveuni Island is paradise, reckons Les Furnanz. And once there, he’s in no doubt about where is best to stay.

Americas   22 Apr, 2003, 20:58
Bolivia’s real marching powder  
David Friel

It might be cocaine that keeps the fashionistas going, but if you don’t get enough salt you die. David Friel finds plenty in one of the world’s largest salt pans.

Americas   17 Apr, 2003, 14:24
At Home in Atitlan  
Mike Farquhar

When Mike Farquhar visits Guatemala, he finds it easy to fall off the tourist trail.

Central Asia   17 Apr, 2003, 12:58
Michele Ann Jenkins

When Michele Ann Jenkins’ visit to the Taj Mahal takes a turn for the wierd she doesn’t know whether she’s being cautious or paranoid. Just one of those times where you have to trust your instincts. 

Asia Pacific   17 Apr, 2003, 12:42
Life, Slavery and the Pursuit of Happiness  
Jo McMillan

For rural migrants, working in Beijing isn’t easy. Jo McMillan tells the tale of one young Chinese girl, trying to find her place in a changing society.

Asia Pacific   15 Apr, 2003, 05:51
Travels through Korea and Indonesia  
Matt Pointon

Forget the twitchy foreign office warnings. Korea and Indonesia are great places to travel. As Matt Pointon proves.

Asia Pacific   15 Apr, 2003, 05:43
Flying through a Kimberley Storm  
Rick Fray

You know you’re in trouble when the pilot asks to see the aircraft manual. Rick Fray survives a tricky flight through some of West Australia’s worst weather.

Africa   15 Apr, 2003, 05:21
Dazed by Dakar  
Jane Labous

Senegal’s capital city is more likely to blow your mind than broaden it, says Jane Labous, who’s fallen in love with Dakar.

Europe   15 Apr, 2003, 05:17
Aegean’s ‘First Lady’  
Terje Raa

Chios town, largest village on Chios Island, has 29 bars on the waterfront alone. Terje Raa crawls the circuit.

Americas   15 Apr, 2003, 05:12
First Fridays in Phoenix  
Kat Matthams

Kate Matthams finds art in Phoenix, Arizona.

Americas   15 Apr, 2003, 04:50
In Search of Margaritaville  
David Peevers

David Peevers heads down Baja California till he runs out of land…. and finds fish.

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