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Americans Pay the Club Med Price

Do you know that CLUB MED is having different prices depending on WHERE you book your vacation ?

You can verify this on their website (  . you just need to enter different countries on the first page and check out the price for each of them .

Example :

One week (june 7 to june 14,2003) in PUNTA CANA ( Dominican republic ) for 2 adults and 2 children ( 8 and 3 ) without air transportation.

If you book it from the USA: 2.100 $

If you book it from France : 1.274 Euro ( 1.400 $)

This is a 40 % difference !! for exactly the same  package !! and they are completely unable to give a good reason for this .

Of course, if you call them in the US they will tell you they cannot give you this price. Insist and  they, either will give you a phone  number you can call the  French call center (or anywhere else where they give better price) or they will apply the best price you found.

I did it and I got my money back .

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