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Americas   20 Jun, 2003, 08:10
Bolivia’s Witch’s Market  
Thomas Carroll

Thomas Carroll buys some luck where the witches do their shopping in in La Paz. More Indiana Jones than Harry Potter, he says. But does it work?

Europe   20 Jun, 2003, 07:57
Several Steps to Gelati Heaven  
Laura Bennett

The steep slopes of Italy’s Cinque Terre is easier on the eyes than the feet. Laura Bennett shoulders her pack and hikes one of Europe’s most beautiful regions. 

Asia Pacific   20 Jun, 2003, 07:39
Malaccan Made  
Patrick Mascoe

Once Southeast Asia’s busiest port, Malacca is now a sleepy Malaysian backwater. Well worth a visit, says Patrick Mascoe.

Asia Pacific   20 Jun, 2003, 07:29
Spooky Time in Sapa  
Ian Rowlands

Ian Rowlands finds the misty mountains of North Vietnam could be the set of a horror movie.  

Asia Pacific   20 Jun, 2003, 07:12
Railways as they Ought to Be  
Rowena Carr-Allinson

Unless you’re on a backpacker budget with weeks to spare, the Eastern and Oriental Express is by far the best way to get from Bangkok to Singapore. Rowena Carr-Allinson gets a taste of luxury.

Asia Pacific   16 Jun, 2003, 07:36
Wild Time at Rabbit Pass  
Ed Breit

Who the hell was Bledisloe, asks Ed Breit as he tramps up an especially vertical bit of New Zealand. Someone has to do it.

Europe   16 Jun, 2003, 07:30
Captivated in Prague  
Stuart Everitt

Stuart Everitt finds a classical concert a transforming experience in the Czech capital.

Asia Pacific   13 Jun, 2003, 06:56
Up In Smoke  
James Durston

No one likes losing a job, but when James Durston meets the Javanese who work inside a live volcano, surrounded by toxic fumes and perched on precarious slopes, he thinks there could be something to be said for unemployment. Meet the sulphur-slaves of Kawah Ijen.

Central Asia   13 Jun, 2003, 06:42
The Fine Art of Kyrgyzstan  
Karen Louise Boothe

Expatriate American Karen Louise Boothe-Bishkek explores the Bishkek Kyrgyz Republic, finding mystery and magic in the land few can pronounce.

Europe   13 Jun, 2003, 06:31
A Lion in Lyon  
Edward McSweegan

France’s most approachable city makes Edward McSweegan welcome, who has words of advice for anyone planning Paris this summer. 

Africa   13 Jun, 2003, 06:22
Building Madagascar  
Alison Judge

Alison Judge volunteers with a small UK charity to help rebuild Madagascar, preserved in perfect poverty by their French colonial masters. It certainly changed her life so lets hope it’s helped theirs.

Europe   13 Jun, 2003, 05:29
Vestal in Varna  
Kate Matthams

Bulgaria’s religious fervour has to be seen to be beleived, says Kate Matthams in Varna.

Central Asia   13 Jun, 2003, 05:09
Beating the Uzbek Beaurocrats  
Matt Pointon

Getting to Samarkand is far from easy, finds Matt Pointon as he travels across the ‘Stans.

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