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A week later I was sitting in front of the Daegu train station waiting for the busses that were going to take us to the stadium and the USA v. South Korea match. One of the early highlights of the tournament.

Even more irresistible by night

A few Americans were gathered under a canopy in the rain that was set up as a beer garden. We watched the sea of red-clad Korean supporters arrive for the game by the trainload.

There were going to be over 60,000 Koreans and about 500 Americans, if that, in the stadium. We were getting ready by getting tanked. Fears abounded about what might happen to us in the days before the match. Fears for not as the match ended in a 1-1 tie.

We were drinking with Scotty, a great guy we kept running into all over the country. He said that he was in Seoul the same time we were.

He too had went to “Hooker Hill” looking for poontang, and he said, “Some whore stumbled out of her doorway, bent forward like she was going to be sick or something, and hocked up a white, slimy wad of some dude’s spooge. Right there in the street. Fuck me!” he laughed and shook his head and tried to drown the image with beer.

“I mean, she just belched out a mouthful of cum in one huge gob. She spit again to make sure she got all of it, then wiped her mouth with her arm. She looked up and caught me looking at her and then she smiled at me; one of those pretty whore type smiles, and her dress straps fell off her shoulders and she had these tiny tits with these huge fucking nipples and she looked 18, if that, and she said, ‘Hey, big man, want blow job?’”

“’Um…no…thanks…’ I told her. No fucking way! What kind of animal does that kind of shit?” Scotty barked more laughter and left to get the next round.

I sipped my third OB of the hour while the rain dripped onto our table, and I wondered if it was my spui that poor Scott saw splattering onto the ground that night…

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