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Africa   30 Apr, 2004, 09:42
At One With Nuns  
Sara Bathum

Volunteer teacher Sara Bathum finds the strength to stretch God’s rules in Sister Thomasina’s Ethiopian empire.

Americas   29 Apr, 2004, 17:01
Deep in the Jungle  
James Wrighton

James Wrighton goes beyond the Amazon and down the small Rio Juma tributary to find his stilted home in a patch of unspoiled rainforest.

Europe   29 Apr, 2004, 15:57
Maid in Moscow  
Zoie Clift

A short trip to Moscow gets shorter when Zoie Clift finds she needs a visa to get the train through Belarus. Persistence pays, however, and she finds her feet in the Russian capital. 

Asia Pacific   27 Apr, 2004, 12:44
Rafting the Maekok  
Antonio Graceffo

Paddling Thailand’s Maekok River proves an educational experience for Antonio Graceffo, who finds the local hilltribes hold the secrets to staying afloat. 

Middle East   27 Apr, 2004, 10:38
Dive-Boats of the Desert  
Denni Schnapp

Though known as ‘Ships of the Desert’, even camels break a sweat carrying Denni Schnapp and all her dive gear to an Egyptian coral reef.

Europe   27 Apr, 2004, 10:01
Where Coats Go Astray  
Jim Marquez

For a serious drink, there are few better places than Temple Bar, Dublin. But it’s also quite a good place to get your coat stolen. Jim Marquez finds not all the locals welcome his breezy approach to life.

Central Asia   17 Apr, 2004, 19:44
Making it Big in Indian Film  
Colin Todhunter

It’s not unknown for travellers to become extras in Indian films. But rarely do they get offered lead roles. Colin Todhunter hits the big time in Chennai.

Americas   16 Apr, 2004, 17:08
Scaling Mount St Helens  
Cameron L. Martindell

I always worry, climbing volcanoes, whether they’re about to go off once more. Not Cameron Martindell, who charges up the side of Mount St Helens.

Asia Pacific   16 Apr, 2004, 16:58
Tramping the Banks Track  
Lucia Appleby

In New Zealand’s South Island, Lucia Appleby explores its first private tramping trail, the Banks Track, and finds it perfectly feeds her hiking habit.

Central Asia   16 Apr, 2004, 16:56
Wok Wonders  
Daniel Wallace

When Daniel Wallace wants to learn Sichuan cooking, he doesn’t opt for standard tourist classes. Deep in west China his students hope he’ll use his culinary skills to help with any upcoming war with Japan. And he thought Chinese food was meant to taste that way.

Americas   16 Apr, 2004, 16:46
Swimming with the Whale Sharks  
Matt Scott

In a Mexican stretch of the Caribbean Sea, Matt Scott finds swimming with the world’s largest fish an awe-inspiring experience. 

Europe   16 Apr, 2004, 16:36
Off the Rails in Extramadura  
Ty Nelson

Ty Nelson’s night train to Toledo comes off the rails in spectacular style when it hits a herd of sheep.

Europe   16 Apr, 2004, 09:05
Searching for Southampton’s Sun  
Jack Barker

Southampton’s trying to redevelop its waterfront. Will a stay in its newest five-star hotel persuade Jack Barker to linger?

Middle East   14 Apr, 2004, 19:50
Ahmed and Mohammed  
Iain Morris

Travelling through northern Syria, Iain Morris amiably overqualified shopkeepers, ancient Hittite ruins and the occasional, inevitable cup of tea. His attempts to introduce British cuisine, however, prove a cultural step too far.

Central Asia   14 Apr, 2004, 19:16
Travels – and Troubles – in Chinese Tibet  
Robert Wyss

Robert Wyss finds tears and tragedy as Tibet’s monasteries struggle to survive under Chinese occupation.

Europe   14 Apr, 2004, 19:03
Italian Made Easy  
Sarah Swain

Sarah Swain travels to Italy with half-remembered school-standard French. But she finds Siena’s sunny climate and a plate of pasta thaws her language barrier, and starts to go native.

Europe   14 Apr, 2004, 18:17
Cuddling up to Croatia  
Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson gets well off the tourist trail when be boards a train from the coast through inland Dalmatia.

Europe   14 Apr, 2004, 16:10
Finland’s Drinking Culture  
Satu Rommi

What do you do when it’s -30 C outside, the sun sets at 3 pm, and you’re in Helsinki? You get drunk, of course, says Satu Rommi.

Americas   14 Apr, 2004, 08:49
Gale Force? Good  
Cameron L. Martindell

Big winds don’t blow Cameron Martindell off-course in a San Francisco yacht race.

Editorials   14 Apr, 2004, 08:33
Webzines the Way for the New Travel Journalism  
Colin Todhunter

Glossy print travel magazines don’t do it for Colin Todhunter, who finds the best travel writing online, and free.

Europe   13 Apr, 2004, 20:09
Busking in Britain  
Justin Brown

When New Zealander Justin Brown makes a bet he can’t busk his way round Britain to raise his airfare home, he loses. But he somehow succeeds in getting a book commission. In this excerpt he hits the mean streets of Harlington.

Africa   8 Apr, 2004, 09:33
Inside Sierra Leone’s Diamond Mines  
Matt Brown

It’s a brave man who walks, alone, through the paths and tracks that lead to Sierra Leone’s diamond mines. Matt Brown does it, with his camera, and reports on the hidden source of some of the world’s dirtiest money.

Asia Pacific   6 Apr, 2004, 14:21
A Coconut Index for Asia  
Thu-Tam Doan

Tourists have tried to rank relative wealth by the worldwide cost of hamburgers. But Thu-Tam Doan has developed a more useful index on the cost of coconuts against average local income. Almost.

Europe   6 Apr, 2004, 14:06
The Best of Bulgaria  
Matt Pointon

Not many people have ever heard of Shumen, Bulgaria. Even the inhabitants seem to prefer it from a distance. But to Matt Pointon, writing on the train to Varna, it’s the country’s highlight. 

Asia Pacific   5 Apr, 2004, 08:59
Peaks of Desire  
Nick Walton

Nick Walton finds Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak a fine place to reflect on his grandparents’ colonial lifestyle.

Middle East   5 Apr, 2004, 08:53
The Steamy Side of Syria  
Irwin Loy

Irwin Loy finds one particular travel book adds a whole new dimension to his experience of Syria.

Central Asia   1 Apr, 2004, 17:26
No Time for Love, Dr Jones  
Nick Mistretta

Unusually for visitors to Vang Vien, Nick Mistretta gets up early one morning. This means he discovers bugs big enough to cast shadows, and one of Laos’ most secretive caves.

Asia Pacific   1 Apr, 2004, 12:56
Australia’s Cowboys Sing Country  
Cara Frost Sharratt

Country Music’s big worldwide. Cara Frost Sharratt finds Australia’s Tamworth Festival brings the Dollys, gowns and stetsons to the outback.

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