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Asia Pacific   30 Jun, 2004, 10:25
Crossbows in the Jungle  
Antonio Graceffo

Thailand’s champion marksman teaches Antonio Graceffo how to use a crossbow in the jungles of Northern Thailand. Shooting animals is difficult, he learns, but humans are easy. 

Europe   30 Jun, 2004, 09:46
A Cambridge Summer  
Marlene Bell

A summer course at Cambridge proves the least important part of Marlene Bell’s education in the strange ways of the British.

Asia Pacific   29 Jun, 2004, 23:25
Bringing Peace to Thailand  
Jason Sanford

It’s easy to mock Peace Corps volunteers. But when they do it themselves, it’s disarming. Jason Sanford has toilet trouble on a hardship assignment to Thailand.

Central Asia   29 Jun, 2004, 23:06
Stitching Up the Nepalese  
John Neely

It might have been the hiking and tiger-trekking that leads medical intern John Neely to volunteer his skills to doctor Kathmandu’s poor, but this goodwill gesture leads him to a new experience of a developing society at war.

Asia Pacific   29 Jun, 2004, 22:58
The 21st Century’s First World Fair  
John Erskine Banta

Tokyo is hosting the first World Fair of the 21st Century. John Erskine Banta outlines what will be on offer, and where.

Middle East   27 Jun, 2004, 09:52
A Tourist in Jerusalem  
Ted Shaffrey

It helps, when touring Jerusalem, to be religious if not deranged. Ted Shaffrey tries to make sense of a pivotal place where world cultures collide.

Asia Pacific   23 Jun, 2004, 12:53
Chasing the Capital in Canberra Country  
Martin Davies

Far-off and hard to find, Australia’s capital city attracts few tourists and disappoints almost as many. But a circular route brings Martin Davies to the heart of the city, and he actually makes me want to visit. 

Asia Pacific   23 Jun, 2004, 12:37
Tracing a Thai River  
Antonio Graceffo

Being first is fun, says Antonio Graffeco as he attempts the gruelling task of tracing a Thai river from Doi Saket, through the jungle to its mountain source.

Europe   17 Jun, 2004, 06:29
Finding Friends in France  
Andrew M Hartnagel

While American buildings herd into conurbations, France’s villages are altogether more elegant, says Andrew Hartnagel in France’s ‘Most Charming and Delightful’, Aubeterre sur Drone. 

Central Asia   15 Jun, 2004, 17:28
Tibet’s Fatal Traffic  
Tibet Information Network

Tibet’s terrible roads make fatal accidents common. But when tourists are involved, it’s the local driver who’s in most danger, often sentenced to death for losing control.

Editorials   15 Jun, 2004, 14:00
Win a Holiday for Two in Kenya  
Jack Barker

VSO, Voluntary Service Overseas, is giving away an East African holiday for two. To win, you need to be based in the UK, and find four friends… .

Americas   15 Jun, 2004, 13:52
Milagro’s Mangoes  
Catherine Mojsiewicz

Backpacker life doesn’t get any better than in the simple village of El Zunzal, finds Catherine Mojsiewicz in El Salvador as she slows to the pace of a ripening mango.

Africa   15 Jun, 2004, 13:41
Sacred Music: A Fez Festival  
Saeed Taji Farouky

Saeed Farouky is transported with rapture amongst the sufi trance music and whirling Dervishes of Morocco’s leading music festival.

Americas   15 Jun, 2004, 13:18
An Antique Shopper’s Guide to Buenos Aires  
Bob Frassinetti

Argentine resident Bob Frassinetti presents a market guide to his capital city: a city of bargains with the peso in freefall.

Americas   15 Jun, 2004, 13:10
Bolivia’s Salt Plains  
Rachel Friedman

Getting to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni proves something of a challenge. But Rachel Friedman says Bolivia, like love, is not for the faint-hearted.

Asia Pacific   15 Jun, 2004, 12:56
Sailing Round New Zealand  
Sam Jefferson

Sam Jefferson finds Total Confusion is an ideal vessel to cruise the New Zealand coast.

Americas   15 Jun, 2004, 12:47
Under the Volcano  
Mike Sidney

Spanish student Mike Sidney finds Mexican daily life at its most vibrant in the small town of Cholula. 

Europe   8 Jun, 2004, 12:52
Political Graffiti or Open-Air Art?  
Ted Shaffrey

Forget Northern Ireland’s rolling hills. Ted Shaffrey heads to the frontline regions of Belfast and Londonderry to explore its politics and street-level art.

Europe   8 Jun, 2004, 10:00
Saintly San Sebastian  
Katie Benson

Forget the Costas. Katie Benson says Spain’s Basque coast is best for those who can brave cool Atlantic waters. 

Europe   5 Jun, 2004, 13:44
Wings Over Bavaria  
Bassem Abi Farah

Mad King Ludwig’s Castle is even better seen from the air, says Bassem Abi Farah as he tours Germany.

Central Asia   5 Jun, 2004, 13:37
Don’t Chicken out of India  
Oliver Mueller

Oliver Mueller finds landing in India rather a shock. But he fights his instinct to leap back on the plane, and says, to other travellers, persevere.

Africa   3 Jun, 2004, 17:19
Village Life in Niger  
Alexis Wolff

A friend introduces Alexis Wolff to the Hausa village of Amberura, and its complex daily life. But after she’s explored this social maze, one question remains: where’s the cheese?

Africa   3 Jun, 2004, 10:32
Diving with South Africa’s Great Whites  
John Dwyer

Not the Africaners, you understand. John Dwyer heads out in a shark-baiting boat to tease  the world’s purest predator.

Europe   2 Jun, 2004, 19:09
Ireland’s Ghosts are On the Move  
Guylaine Spencer

It’s not every day you hear ghosts in graveyards, but Guylaine Spencer says you can in the West of Ireland.

Central Asia   2 Jun, 2004, 17:19
What Backpackers Do All Day  
Nick Mistretta

Not a great deal, in India’s Mcleod Ganj at least, according to Nick Mistretta. 

Europe   2 Jun, 2004, 17:16
Bulgaria’s Chalga Music  
Matt Pointon

Matt Pointon hits the ‘Top Stars’ nightclub in the sleepy town of Smolyan to experience the best – and worst – of the local songs.

Editorials   2 Jun, 2004, 17:07
Yes, I’m an Emailaholic  
Lisa Hunt

It seems a waste to travel half-way round the world just to chat with those back home. But Lisa Hunt admits that email’s insidious appeal takes over her travel days.

Africa   2 Jun, 2004, 16:43
Thanks, Gideon  
Kathy Sharrad

When Kathy Sharrad’s overland truck grinds to a halt three days short of Johannesburg, a big Africaner quietly and gallantly makes sure she gets her flight. 

Europe   2 Jun, 2004, 16:27
Dig For UK Victory!  
Teletext Holidays

British beaches are better for making sandcastles than for swimming, so here’s how, and where, to build the best. Myself, I just watch how the Dutch do it…

Middle East   2 Jun, 2004, 09:26
Glamour and Glitz on the Gulf  
Jessica P. Hayden

The booming desert Emirate of Dubai offers a glimpse, perhaps, of the way ahead for Iraq, says a hopeful Jessica Hayden.

Central Asia   1 Jun, 2004, 18:01
In Search of Russia’s Spies  
Ted Shaffrey

In search of Moscow’s past, Ted Shaffrey goes beyond casinos and modern attractions to find out where all the spies have gone.

Africa   1 Jun, 2004, 17:49
Bringing Aussie Rules Football to Uganda  
Mark Heath

International relations take another tottering step when Mark Heath introduces Aussie Rules football and cricket to a remote Ugandan village in the war-torn north. As if they hadn’t suffered enough…

Asia Pacific   1 Jun, 2004, 17:40
Falling like an Angel  
Richard Fox-Bekerman

When his daughters want to try jumping out of a plane, Richard Fox-Bekerman finds Australia beats the UK hands down when it comes to sky-diving. 

Asia Pacific   1 Jun, 2004, 02:26
Happily Stung in Thailand  
Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson finds falling for a gentle sting helps him escape Bangkok’s traffic and onto the still waters of the city’s canals – his best day out so far.

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