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Saintly San Sebastian

It seems to be the fashion for UK residents to jump an Easy Jet to Spain and spend two weeks soaking up the sun, sea and concrete of Malaga. Though Malaga and other cities along the Costa del Sol offer sun seekers the desired change of weather, the real Spanish seaside jewel lays much closer to home.
On Spain’s north coast, in the heart of Basque Country lays the beautiful San Sebastian, an emerging city nestled between the mountains and the sea. San Sebastian is a city constantly growing and spreading providing a new energy and exciting vibe to the city, but if you want the true San Sebastian experience – the only way to go is to get back….

Parte Veija, literally meaning ‘ Old Part’, is your best ticket for a holiday full of hedonistic pleasures. Situated at the foot of Mount Urgull, lies a cobble stoned warren of bars, tapas restaurants, clubs, and of course – all the beautiful people. Unlike most other cities of the world, not many shops can be found in the popular Parte Veija, this is simply where you come to meet, eat, and party.

Minutes either side of this charming district lies San Sebastian’s greatest draw cards, La Zurriola – one of Europe’s few surf beaches, and the picturesque cove of two stunning beaches; Playa de La Concha and Playa De Ondaretta. San Sebastian is one of those locations that you come home with rolls of film packed with landscape photos, desperately trying to recapture the beauty that surrounds you and pass on to your bored friends. A beautiful boardwalk lines the cove that’s filled with bathers and boats, a sight only matched by the beauty it radiates at night with reflected lights shining on peaceful water.

The beaches here are far less polluted – but for something to complain about – not as warm as those on the Mediterranean, yet it’s definitely ‘swimmable’ temperatures. So locals and visitors alike fill the sun soaked day with surfing, snorkelling or just laying around, and before you know it, it’s siesta time to recover from all your hard work. Feeling peckish? Time to sample some of the most amazing food in Europe! Most take to the Tapas Bars after eight or nine, feasting themselves on finger food delights of seafood and the like. It might take a few ‘tests’ for you to realise that Tapas is best washed down with gallons of Spain’s Red lady – SANGRIA!

Sampling Sangria at Club Sibibo’s

Sadly all this amazing food leaves you waddling your way onto one of the many pubs and clubs, but it’s quickly burnt off as you dance badly to whatever cheesy dance song that’s number one in Europe at the time.

The next day why not fill your day with a trip to the aquarium, or take a boat out to the popular picnic spot, the tiny island – Isla Santa Clara, or even spoil yourself with a trip to the Concrete Museum. No, that’s not a typo, there really is a museum dedicated to concrete. Or perhaps you want to get closer to God? Then it’s just a small hike up Mount Urgull to the statue of Christ and some of the best views of the whole city and surrounding mountains…ahh, who am I kidding? You’re probably too hung over from your partying the night before to do anything else but sunbathe and swim. But not to worry! Have a siesta, do it all again tonight and try your best to make it tomorrow.

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