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Good Girls Drink Bubble Tea

Cayce was of course mortified for days afterwards, but also that strange night bonded me and her far faster than I expected possible – we became great friends.

The rest of the concert was a brilliant experience – watching a cheeky Brazilian big drummer jam with an English street theatre bongo player, watching Malaysians and foreigners of all races turn themselves into crazy Indian dancers as the Bengali band on stage sent us faster and faster. And Cayce and I did our first celebrity interview, with the New Zealand band Te Vaka! Cayce and her friends had designed their own website for the music festival, “RWMF The Survival Guide”. [] The site had been a real success, praised on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree’s discussion board, and although we had not secured press passes as a result, the festival organisers agreed to our request to interview our favourite band.

Oh a very professional interview

Myself, Cayce and Marita came up with a set of questions, then Marita took charge of photography and Cayce and I did our best to look professional and thorough interviewers. Maintaining our composure was made slightly more difficult by our very kind interviewees exchanging glances that clearly said, “Who ARE these two”?

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