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Americas   30 Sep, 2004, 20:52
In Search of Really Bad Weather  
Lara Magouirk

Most people go on holiday for sun and fun. Not Lara Magouirk, who goes chasing tornados in the central US.

Central Asia   24 Sep, 2004, 12:07
Shipping the Mountain to Mohammed  
Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds buys a plot of land in Kerala but finds, in the wet season, he only owns a pond. Daunted but undefeated, he ships in more land and builds his dream eco-resort anyway.

Americas   23 Sep, 2004, 19:32
Base Jumping for Beginners  
Mike Dawson

For most people, a big bridge in West Virginia represents an easy way across a gorge. Not for Mike Dawson, who likes to jump off things.

Americas   23 Sep, 2004, 11:49
Setting out for Suriname  
John Spampinato

The jungles of Suriname enchant John Spampinato as he treks his way through some of South America’s least-explored regions.

Americas   20 Sep, 2004, 17:35
Forget Orlando: Try San Antonio  
Candy Barrow

Tourists flock to Florida’s Orlando, but Candy Barrow suggests they look elsewhere. The best city in America, she says, is San Antonio, Texas.

Africa   20 Sep, 2004, 17:34
Bad Day at the Cat-Pee Cafe  
Chris Hamilton

It’s always tricky introducing your parents to a foreign country, but when Chris Hamilton lets a Marrakesh tout introduce them to a ‘secret’ restaurant he’s clearly asking for trouble.

Europe   20 Sep, 2004, 16:51
The Great Greek Gamble  
Eric Singer

After the Olympics, Eric Singer wonders if Greece’s great investment will ever pay off.

Americas   20 Sep, 2004, 16:45
Going Home with Clinton  
Amber Garrett

Time lends enchantment to Bill Clinton, now we’ve experienced his successor, so we don’t mind Amber Garrett’s shameless plug for a museum at his birthplace in Hope, Arkansas.

Asia Pacific   17 Sep, 2004, 09:26
Climbing Rishiri-Zan  
Cameron L. Martindell

At the northern end of Japan’s most northerly island, Hokkaidu, there’s a volcano called Rishiri-zan. Cameron L. Martindell decides he’d like to see the view from the summit.

Central Asia   16 Sep, 2004, 20:19
Bus Ride Blues  
Maggi Jones

Local Bus Travel in Nepal is not for the faint-hearted, says a lightly scared Maggi Jones.

Central Asia   16 Sep, 2004, 12:32
Fit to be a Bollywood Star  
Colin Todhunter

When Colin Todhunter visits a gym in southern India, he finds himself the sweaty star of a daily drama.

Europe   16 Sep, 2004, 09:31
Crossing from East to West  
Chris Thompson

Not all Europeans are created equal. In Slovakia Chris Thompson finds old divisions still remain in his migrant home, Kosice.

Americas   16 Sep, 2004, 09:03
Kiteboarding in Cabarete  
Liz Byington

When Liz Byington discovers Kiteboardeing, she persuades her family to sign up on a course in the Dominican Republic. It proves a life-changing experience.

Asia Pacific   15 Sep, 2004, 10:13
Playing Elephant Polo  
Antonio Graceffo

Plenty of people have seen elephant polo. But not many have actually played. Oriental film star, martial artist and Travelmag regular Antonio Graceffo saddles up for a chukka in southern Thailand.

Africa   15 Sep, 2004, 09:50
Forty Desert Days  
Hafeezur Rahman Malik

Despite being warned that English is rarely spoken, intrepid Hafeez Malik has no hesitation setting off to explore Morocco.

Europe   4 Sep, 2004, 18:23
Learning Spanish in Cadiz  
Charlotte Lepper

It’s easy to habla espanol when you’re teacher is called Carmen and you’re hanging out on the Costa de la Luz. Charlotte Lepper get past the subjunctive on an all-too-brief language course.

Asia Pacific   1 Sep, 2004, 09:39
The Morning After a Thai Full Moon  
Justin Clarke

This sober reflection on a full moon party ws found, handwritten, on a scrap of paper littering Koh Pha Ngan’s Haad Rin beach and keyed in by Justin Clarke. It tells a tale few can remember or ever quite forget.  

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