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Make Millions and Die Happy

The idea is simple. Rather than blowing fortunes on advertising, are paying commission to people who spread news of their site.

A four-question form signs you on to the scheme. Then you email a few friends to see if they’re interested. They email a few more. They email more. And, when anyone within five generations of your original recommendation actually books accommodation, you get commission, paid directly into your visa or mastercard, or bank account if based in the US. Assuming five referrals at each level, that’s nearly 4,000 travellers who might generate you an income.

Since it went online in 2000, has become a major operator in the online hotel booking business, filling 12 million bednights worldwide each year. But this new programme, launched at a small press conference in London on the 8th of December, is totally new. I for one was totally convinced they would honour their commission commitments and – since they limit the payment to the first five generations of referrals – that it wouldn’t send them spiralling into insolvency. It’s actually just a very good way or reaching markets in the world’s furthest corners by the most effective means possible: word of mouth.

You’re not taking advantage of your friends. offer the best accommodation rates in the business, discounting rack rates by up to 70%. They don’t just offer standard doubles: they have singles and triples with cots, all easily searched, in every type of hotel, from budget to deluxe.

The difference is that the money would have spent on advertising filters back to you, the people who helped drive more travellers to surf past their shopfront.

There’s no investment, no fee. Unlike pyramid sales, this scheme has no losers, and only requires a few minutes of your time. There is no pressure on you – or your friends – to actually book accommodation through Though it’s tempting to do so: their site has an encouraging level of hotel information and outstanding rates. But unlike other travel portals, their success is now your success. And I hope they do well.

It has to be worth a try. Take a look at Octopus Travel

or sign up directly for their Referral Programme

And please don’t forget you heard it here first!

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