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Don’t fly that flag!

Two monks from Kardze, Sichuan Province, TAP were sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment for flying the banned Tibetan national flag, according to information published by TCHRD. They are named as Lobsang Khedrup, 22, originally from Dado Township, Kardze County, and a 26-year-old monk called Gyalpo, from an area called Shungteng in Kardze. Gyalpo was arrested in January 2004 and Lobsang Khedrup was arrested in February 2004. The news of their whereabouts and well-being were not available to their family members for many months while they were detained
incommunicado and was only discovered when they were reportedly convicted by Kardze Intermediate People’s Court recently. They are now being held in Dartsedo Prison in Kardze.

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