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As a mountain climber and caver, our team always left a note on the front seat of our car before leaving for a new adventure.  A simple note logged our names, the time and date that we left, our destination, and who to call if we had not returned.  A simple note, but it provided a lot for those we left behind.

Married now and traveling frequently, I now leave a similar note for my family – a quick reference sheet, so my family knows who to call if an emergency occurs when I am not there.  As short as the note, this simple sheet of paper includes the contact information for the following:

   – Who to contact during and emergency for advice.

   – Key house professionals:  plumber, electrician, handyman, tree trimmers, etc.

   – Key car people:  mechanic, body repair shops, etc.

   – Health:  hospital, doctors, dentist, etc.

   – Insurance:  property, life, car, etc.

   – Finance:  banks, stock brokers, etc.

   – Professionals:  accountants, attorneys, etc.

   – Life documents:  powers of attorneys, wills, etc.

Such a simple item to leave, but it is one that has provided my family with the tools that they will need to respond to many unsuspecting challenges, like:  an accident, illnesses, leaks, fallen trees, financial need, etc.  Like the one that happen a little over a year ago.

While on a business trip in New Orleans, my wife’s car was hit by a runaway car.  Luckily she was uninjured.  By the time she called me, she had used the sheet to contact the insurance company and the car repair shop.  She had things on the mend without me.

You to owe it to your family, so take the time now and fill out your sheet before leaving for your next adventure, so they will have the information to handle their next life’s challenge without you.

Jim Litchko, CAS is adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, Security and management expert, speaker and author of KNOW Your Life – By Organizing It!,”

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