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Central Asia   31 Oct, 2005, 10:12
Confucius say… visit Qufu  
Philip Sen

The great philosopher, Confucius, was born in Qufu, where Philip Sen discovers a spiritual oasis that has endured through the Cultural Revolution and China’s new rush to economic growth.

Central Asia   31 Oct, 2005, 10:03
To Russia – with soap  
Antonia Malchik

Antonia Malchik discovers a whole new side to Moscow when she gatecrashes the all-male preserve of the Sandunovsky public baths.

Europe   31 Oct, 2005, 09:17
Hoping for rain off the coast of Ireland  
Catherine Mack

Through the summer, Clare Island is almost a parody of the rural Irish idyll, says Catherine Mack, but even in October blue skies, warm smiles and a singles weekend make it a welcoming oasis well off Ireland’s tourist trail.

Asia Pacific   31 Oct, 2005, 09:13
Trouble comes – again – to paradise  
Naomi Cassidy

As Bali reels from a second bomb attack, Naomi Cassidy returns to find a tourist economy in meltdown.

Asia Pacific   31 Oct, 2005, 08:42
The Hidden Treasure of Hoi An  
Charlotte Turner

Just up the Vietnamese coast from the better-known China Beach, Charlotte Turner finds a small riverside town that preserves the country’s gentler traditions for a steady trickle of travellers.

Editorials   17 Oct, 2005, 12:49
The meaning of Tingo  
Adam Jacot de Boinod

Ever wondered about the hidden thoughts and concepts in the languages of the world? The discovery that there are 27 Albanian words for a moustache leads Adam Jacot de Boinod on a voyage of linguistic discovery.

Asia Pacific   12 Oct, 2005, 01:10
Where faith-healing is your only chance  
Antonio Graceffo

If you don’t have money, healthcare in Cambodia barely exists. Antonio Graceffo finds a whole new village set up around a couple of well-meaning priests who claim to do miracles. Delusion, consolation or an effective medical model? Who knows.

Americas   11 Oct, 2005, 23:26
A glimpse of a Bolivian hell  
Paul W. Neville

The saltmines of Potosí shock Paul Neville as he shares, for a day, the flickering quest for survival that is everyday life for Bolivia’s unsung working classes.

Americas   11 Oct, 2005, 23:13
Into the broccoli  
Nic Havers

The jungles of southern Mexico may look like broccoli from the air, but are even stranger from the ground, finds Nic Havers as he eco-tours Chiapas.

Americas   11 Oct, 2005, 09:47
Life on the trail in the Mahoosuc Mountains  
Cameron L. Martindell

Cameron Martindell treads off across another stretch of undiscovered America in this trek across the Mahoosuc mountains.

Europe   11 Oct, 2005, 09:29
Sentimental Sweden  
Terje Raa

The university city of Lund proves a tranquil inspiration for Terje Raa as he wanders Swedish streets and finds a fresh-faced innocence with a touch of Danish influence.

Asia Pacific   11 Oct, 2005, 09:19
Baseball, Japanese style  
Matt Nighswonger

Most things happen slightly differently in Japan, and baseball games are no exception. Matt Nighswonger finds the girls with backpack beer packs a bit of a highlight, though the accompanying fish flakes he could do without.

Europe   11 Oct, 2005, 01:22
An argument for packaged skiing holidays  
Vizards Wyeth

Travel solicitors Vizards Wyeth suggest it might be more dangerous than you think to internet book your own skiing holiday. European healthcare concessions are little use half-way up a distant mountain.

Europe   11 Oct, 2005, 01:05
Beauty on an Italian beach  
Maureen McClain

American Maureen McClain is slightly nervous about stepping out onto a body-conscious Italian beach. But she needn’t have worried. No-one round there has fallen for the myth of Holywood woman.

Middle East   7 Oct, 2005, 01:11
Taking tea in the Sinai  
Rose Aslan

Rose Aslan leaves Cairo to hike amongst Egypt’s mountain Bedouin and slows her pace to match a very different way of life.

Europe   6 Oct, 2005, 14:38
How to trash a lovely island  
Maureen McClain

Italians don’t have a problem with rubbish. They just throw it away. Maureen McClain starts a one-woman campaign to clean up Sicily but it seems she’s got a way to go. 

Asia Pacific   5 Oct, 2005, 07:36
Fish are food Angkor Wat’s floods  
Antonio Graceffo

Cambodia’s wet season isn’t the best time to cycle the 30km from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat. But Antonio Graceffo finds a significant advantage: he can catch some fish along the way.

Central Asia   3 Oct, 2005, 22:15
Chatty about China  
Leslie Adams

Leslie Adams blasts through China like a whirlwind, cutting a swath through the cultural highlights and pitting her wits against tricky Chinese traders.

Europe   1 Oct, 2005, 09:00
Hopping through the heart of Europe  
Clare Rabone

Breaking an ankle is a major deterrent to travel, finds Clare Rabone as she hops and wheels her way through the city of Strasbourg.

Americas   1 Oct, 2005, 02:34
Destination Halifax  
Ryan Aldred

It’s not easy to make Canada sound very interesting, but Ryan Aldred makes a sterling case for the remote town of Halifax. Not many others try,,,

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