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Competition: Camping/Touring kit and Heater Meals

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Win a hamper stuffed full of camping goodies, a set of touring guides and a fantastic range of Self heating ‘Heater Meals’ from Hunger Breaks

There’s nothing like the great outdoors; the smell of the grass underfoot, the rush of wind through your hair, the sun heating your skin to the touch, that wonderful sensation of getting back to basics and connecting with nature.

No power, no stove, no problem

No matter what your chosen outdoor activity, sooner or later you will need to refuel. It’s at this time that the longing may kick in and the simpliest pleasures in life, such as a hot meal, fixate your mind. However, preparing a hot, healthy meal in the great outdoors is no mean feat. Just think of all that stuff you’d have to carry.

This is where a Heater Meal comes in handy. A favourite of Olympic rower, James Cracknell, the self-heating ready meal needs no refridgeration and can be cooked and eaten anywhere, whatever the weather, with no need for a cooker, power or even heat.

What better way to to enjoy the outdoor life than with one of your favourite classic meals such as ‘Chicken Curry’ or ‘Steak & Vegtables’? With many meals having less then 5g fat and 0.2g of salt Heater Meal is also a healthy alternative. I’ve tried a couple of these meals and they taste delicious. They’re not heavy and there’s something almost magical about how they work: science in practice.

We’ve teamed up with Heater Meals to offer you this fantastic prize: 

Just a part of your prize

Prize: A selection of Heater Meals, a set of Visit Britain Touring Guides and a hamper of outdoor gear including a top of the range tent and sleeping bag.

Just answer this simple question:

How does a Heater Meal heat up?
        1)      With a cooker
        2)      All on its own
        3)      With a celebrity chef

Email your response with full contact details to with “competition” in the subject line. The winner will be selected on the competition closing date of the 30th November 2006. One entry per person: duplicate entries will be deleted. Prize can be delivered to mainland UK address only.

Oh, and I should add, the good people at Heatermeals haven’t even (as is common) made it a condition I supply them with your emails or contact details. This means you won’t be bombarded with spam or have your addresses passed on to third parties. Good luck! 

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