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How to get arrested at US airports

Traffic Violations – Many people have experienced the inconvenience of driving in circles at the airport while waiting to pick someone up, because they are prohibited from stopping unless they are actually “loading or unloading.” For those people who choose to ignore the parking protocol, these violations have a tendency to escalate. I saw the results of many investigations where police told the driver of a car that they were being cited for a parking violation, and the driver decided to drive away, thinking that this would end the problem. It actually has the opposite effect, often causing airport police to converge on the driver for fleeing the scene. Something as simple as a parking violation can turn into a criminal arrest in a moment’s time.

Fortunately, for persons charged with a criminal violation at a local airport in California, many of these cases are referred for prosecution in state courts, where punishments tend to be more moderate, unlike the counterpart federal courts, where punishments generally are quite severe.

In my experience, two basic concepts seem to account for the majority of arrests in our airports, today:

Ignorance of a law or fact- If travelers made themselves more aware about the contents of their luggage, as well as the local, state, and federal laws, and TSA guidelines, they likely would have a better overall traveling experience.

A lapse of better judgment- Travelers must understand that because of the unique security concerns at the airport, they should use their best judgment in deciding what to bring to the airport, keep a calm disposition while at the airport, and be aware that there can be severe consequences for conduct deemed to be “inappropriate.”

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