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Postcards from Poland

Culinary Delights

¯urek, Bigos, ¯apiekanka…just a few of the names from the Polish kitchen. Food in Poland is very distinctive and in the fact that vegetables and fruit are used widely…also very healthy. ¯urek is a type of sour soup made from yeast extract. A typically well prepared ¯urek will contain anything from boiled eggs, sausages, garlic and carrots. Bigos is a main dish containing a concoction of stewed cabbage and meat.

Sandwiches are not so popular in Poland. Gone are the deli bars and stores offering pre-packed sandwiches. At lunch time, many Poles simply devour home-made rolls. Another popular snack though is ¯apiekanka, a slice of French bread baked with melted cheese on top. This is then served with a healthy supply of either mayonnaise or ketchup on top.

Final Thoughts

My friends may have knocked and ridiculed my decision of leaving England for the East. But it really looks like I have had the final laugh. Now, nearly four year after my first arrival, I really have no qualms whatsoever about moving to Poland.

Poland is a unique country that offers everything…from warm hospitality, outstanding natural beauty and a diverse and distinctive culture.

Poland is a land of dreams, beauty and reflection…I’m so glad to be a part of it.

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