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Americas   31 Jan, 2007, 22:05
Highs and Lows in the Mountains of Guatemala  
Laura Fitch

Guatamala’s mountain highlands are at the heart of the traditional Indian culture. And a very good place for a trek, says Laura Fitch. 

Africa   31 Jan, 2007, 17:40
Paris to Dakar – by bike  
Rob van der Geest

“The Sahara on a bicycle, is that possible?” September 06, and 25 cyclists think so, pedalling from the Eiffel Tower towards Dakar. Rob van der Geest was there.

Americas   24 Jan, 2007, 20:10
A hard path into Ecuador’s Amazon  
Luminita Cuna

Why fly into the Amazon? Luminita Cuna goes by foot and boat. Rather her than me: but at least this means she experiences the real rainforest, in all it’s bitey, wet glory. 

Americas   24 Jan, 2007, 19:38
Death and destruction on Montana’s roads  
Brian Hodges

‘Reasonable and Prudent’ used to be quite exact enough a speed limit in on of America’s most laid-back states. These days roadside crosses are part of a campaign to keep road mortality down, says Brian Hodges.

Africa   24 Jan, 2007, 19:02
Hopping around Africa’s mountain gorillas  
Grant Hackelton

Virunga Mountains, on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda, and Grant Hackleton finds national borders become irrelevant to the resident gorilla population.

Europe   24 Jan, 2007, 17:16
Weekending in Prague  
Douglas Hutchinson

Douglas Hutchinson finds the Czech Capital a fascinating destination for a short blast of Central European culture.

Middle East   21 Jan, 2007, 19:06
Greetings from Hizbollah country  
David Brown

Between bombs, David Brown strolls from Israel to Lebanon. In the Middle East’s most cosmopolitan society he finds plenty of signs of war but also a determination to survive.

Central Asia   21 Jan, 2007, 18:25
Tracing China’s Yellow River  
Daniel Metraux

Daniel Métraux finds one of China’s greatest rivers provides a narrative of a nation in transition.

Americas   21 Jan, 2007, 18:12
Climbing Panama’s highest peak  
Anthony Lye

Few people climb Volcán Barú, one of the highest of the chain of volcanoes that form Central America’s rugged spine. Anthony Lye strikes a lone trail to the summit.

Asia Pacific   21 Jan, 2007, 16:52
Charmed by New Caledonia  
Annet Mahanani

Annet Mahanani finds a strange beauty – and traces of colonial France – in some of the South Pacific’s remotest islands.

Europe   20 Jan, 2007, 18:32
Yorkshire’s Abbeys explored  
Christy Nicholas

The abbeys and cathedrals of medieval catholicism are amongst the most impressive buildings in Europe: Christy Nicholas discovers some prime examples in England’s underrated county of Yorkshire. 

Asia Pacific   20 Jan, 2007, 18:19
Fourteen hours – and £14 – in Kuala Lumpur  
Melissa Cullen

Even on a limited budget, Melissa Cullen finds plenty to like about Malaysia’s capital city.

Europe   18 Jan, 2007, 18:29
Seeing Europe on the super-cheap  
Selene Rabane

When it comes to travelling, the pampered brits are now too pampered. Selene Rabane interviews a 24-year-old Estonian, Fee Tamm, who travels with nothing at all.

Central Asia   17 Jan, 2007, 22:26
They play football differently in upcountry China  
Sam Mellor

Dalian, a city in the northeast of China, and Sam Mellor books tickets for a soccer match against a visiting team from Japan. His landlady fears for his life but he survives the experience and returns impressed.

Europe   10 Jan, 2007, 09:47
Squatting your way through Spain’s Balearics  
Abha Malpani

Formentera in Mediterranean Spain and Abha Malpani has a cunning plan. Cut costs by dossing where she can. Hardly a formula for a quiet weekend away but a succession of strange men with homes of their own provide a vivid insight into island life.

Americas   9 Jan, 2007, 23:53
Rio’s seething underclass  
Chris Wirth

Brazil’s most glamorous city has a startling underclass. Chris Wirth gets below the tourist image to explore its dangerous favellas.

Central Asia   7 Jan, 2007, 19:43
The Capital of Nowhere  
David Brown

David Brown takes the bus from Odessa to Moldova – and discovers there’s a country in the way: Transinistria. 

Europe   6 Jan, 2007, 13:31
Battling through the Baltics  
Edward McSweegan

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fit into an easy itinerary for Edward McSweegan as he discovers the hottest destinations in a newly-enlarged Europe.

Asia Pacific   5 Jan, 2007, 08:30
China and Japan disagree on WWII  
Daniel Metraux

Daniel A. Metraux discovers two rival museums, Beijing’s Marco Polo Bridge and Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine, present very different versions of recent history: a worrying divergence between two world superpowers.

Europe   3 Jan, 2007, 15:55
Tasting Croatia’s finest wines  
Shane Braddock

Waves of European empires have left the Dalmatian Coast awash with fine vineyards, says Shane Braddock as he explores the mainland and island-hops the Adriatic.

Americas   2 Jan, 2007, 12:18
Pottering into Paraguay  
Lawrence Kay

Lawrence Kay strays off the ‘Gringo Trail’ to explore Latin America’s least-visited country. 

Europe   2 Jan, 2007, 12:10
Barging around France  
Barry Moss

Some of France’s luxury barges are stultifyingly formal. Not the Barge Nilaya, says Barry Moss, after a wonderful week on the water.

Americas   2 Jan, 2007, 12:04
The Colors of Cusco  
Eric D. Lehman

High in the Peruvian Andes, Eric Lehman finds traces of the Inca culture still vivid after years of Spanish occupation.

Asia Pacific   2 Jan, 2007, 11:48
Climbing to the top of Vietnam  
Clare Holdsworth

Independent bushwalkers Clare Holdsworth and Rob Paton decide to conquer Vietnam’s highest peak. Mount Fansipan proves a challenge and their experience might help anyone following in their steps.

Europe   2 Jan, 2007, 11:42
Sarajevo’s Tunnel Museum  
Phil Brown

Wandering through the Ottoman streets of the Bosnian capital is all very well, says Phil Brown, but ‘the tunnel’ is essential to understand the country’s recent history and culture.

Americas   2 Jan, 2007, 11:34
Kayaking New York  
Shane Braddock

America’s first immigrants arrived by sea, points out Shane Braddock, which makes a kayak the ideal way to explore Manhattan’s coastal heritage.

Africa   2 Jan, 2007, 09:36
Chaos in Cairo  
Annika Dash

Egypt’s capital is best known for its pyramids, but Annika Dash finds an entrepreneurial world beyond its headling sights.

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