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Europe   19 Jul, 2007, 13:13
Mayhem and madness at Pamplona’s bull-run  
Lucinda Worlock

As the health and safety movement damps down Europe, Lucinda Worlock discovers a part of Spain where sanity is suspended, every year, for Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls.

Africa   19 Jul, 2007, 12:48
Travels with a tender tummy  
Heather Daniel

West Africa proves a challenge to Heather Daniel’s delicate digestion: months after her volunteering visit there’s still a tension in her relationship with her stomach. 

Africa   12 Jul, 2007, 20:40
Ground down by Egypt’s Capital  
Mel Cullen

Cairo proves a city too far for Mel Cullen: like it or loathe it, she chooses the latter. Being blonde and beautiful isn’t always an advantage. 

Europe   12 Jul, 2007, 20:32
Glastonbury rules  
Elizabeth Heritage

It’s sold as the world’s largest greenfield festival, but it’s better known for its rain and mud. Elizabeth Heritage takes part in the Glastonbury Festival and this is her story.

Africa   12 Jul, 2007, 20:06
Delta dreams in the Okavango Delta  
Eric Williams

Botswana’s natural world proves something of a revelation to Eric Williams, who’s more used to fields of waving corn. He reports on a very African safari.

Americas   12 Jul, 2007, 09:51
On the road in Costa Rica  
Lee Patton

Casting caution to the winds, Lee Patton rejects advice to rent a four-wheel drive to explore Central America: a compact, he finds, is quite up to Costa Rican roads.

Africa   12 Jul, 2007, 09:42
Hammam heaven in Marrakesh  
Charlotte Baird

Best keep your mouth shut in a Moroccan hammam, says honeymooning Charlotte Baird: you never know when the next bucket may be flung.

Americas   12 Jul, 2007, 09:33
Fishing around on Lake Chelan  
A T Allan

Trawling for trout on Washington State’s deepest lake lands A T Allan quite a catch: anglers will share his excitement.

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