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Hallucinogenic frogs key to an Amazon trip

As our time with the Matses finished, I pondered whether Auckoo was truly crazy or not. In the canoe returning to catch the ferry back to Iquitos, he asked me if he had showed me the pink dolphins yet. When I said no he called out over the river,

“Hey dolphins, it’s Auckoo, come and say hi to my friend.”

Sure enough a pod of pink dolphins appeared in the distance and came right up to the boat. Apparently Auckoo really did know the jungle, in a way he is the jungle.

I may not be Amazon Indian hunter material but the Sapo ritual was certainly an experience of a life time. After a week sleeping in hammocks and roughing it, my chronic lower back pain that had been plaguing me for months prior, despite expensive visits to the chiropractor, mysteriously disappeared after the Sapo. Also whenever it rains now and I hear frogs croaking I feel a strange affinity with them and get the occasional craving to eat flies. Maybe Auckoo was right, maybe there really is a little bit of the jungle inside me now.

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