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Americas   2 Apr, 2010, 23:53
A black-market prison tour in downtown La Paz  
Eoghan Macguire

In Bolivia’s capital the top tour is illegal: it goes inside the gates of San Pedro prison. Eoghan Macguire gets an insight into a thriving micro-economy – call it informal or call it corrupt – that has a life of its own.

Asia Pacific   2 Apr, 2010, 23:01
A glimpse past New Zealand’s supershiny image  
Tom Coote

On a journey across New Zealand, Tom Coote catches sight of a daily reality far from the sundrenched, sheep-filled images sold by the tourist industry.

Americas   2 Apr, 2010, 21:58
Another day, another snake: life in the Amazon  
Eric Whitehead

Most guides to travel in the Peruvian Amazon waste pages on jungle survival and animal threats. Eric Whitehead has a simpler message. If you’re packing wine, bring your own corkscrew.

Middle East   2 Apr, 2010, 21:44
Jordan: ancient treasures and bus terminals  
Sam Harris

Most travellers to Jordan travel on tours – and miss half the experience. Sam Harris gets about by bus but still catches the highlight sights.

Americas   2 Apr, 2010, 20:50
Greyhounding America’s Southern States  
Steve Rudd

No hotels for Steve Rudd on his epic economy journey across the US. He sleeps between cities, explores on foot and somehow finds the time to record his every experience.

Asia Pacific   2 Apr, 2010, 20:23
Among the islands of Phang Nga Bay  
Simon Ramsden

Simon Ramsden doesn’t just look at Thailand’s most spectacular seascapes: he canoes into hongs, climbs up cliffs, and watches tourists fall off tightropes.

Africa   2 Apr, 2010, 20:10
A day in Fez  
Gayle Bentham

Forget Marrakesh. Morocco’s real highlight is the ancient city of Fez. Armed with a sprig of mint, Gayle Bentham sets out to explore.

Americas   2 Apr, 2010, 19:26
Noontime in Rua 25 de Março, São Paulo  
Alena Profit

In a contemplative mood, German traveller Alena Profit observes daily life in one particular market area of Brazil’s most populous city: an enthralling, exhausting display of humanity in all its variety.

Europe   2 Apr, 2010, 19:12
Cruise Croatia  
Larry Zaletel

Croatia’s Mediterranean coast is perfect for a gentle cruise, says Larry Zaletel.

Africa   2 Apr, 2010, 18:52
Dicing with death on Zambezi rapids  
Bonnie Lynn

Bonnie Lynn tackles Africa’s greatest set of rapids, the Zambezi down from Victoria Falls, and survives to tell the tale.

Central Asia   2 Apr, 2010, 18:22
The Raj, the Taj and Goa at Large  
Brian Fisher

For Brian Fisher planning his own holiday is a key part of the travel experience. Here is a meticulous report of his journey through India.

Europe   2 Apr, 2010, 17:51
Thrilled, not chilled, by Iceland  
Micol Kates

Micol Kates sees the Northern Lights and watches a geyser spurting steam into the sky. But this is pre-recession Iceland, so the most exciting moment is when she spots a banknote in a puddle.

Central Asia   1 Apr, 2010, 10:38
Burma in a bubble  
Adam Smith

Thirty years of pious travel sanctions have done nothing to discourage Southeast Asia’s most brutal regime. Adam Smith finds its international isolation only adds to Myanmar’s appeal.

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