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Write 350 words – win £1,500

This competition has a banner ad on the Travelmag (it’s on the left, below), but a lot of you have ads turned off, in which case you’ll have missed it. Also, even if you have clicked through, it seems alarmingly vague on how the prize will be delivered. At times it seems it may be vouchers that can be used against holidays and flights; at others it sounds like cash.

Fear not. I’ve checked with the organisers and the prize will be a cheque. Actual money you can use as you like.  The organiser is a guy I know, the judge is a well-respected UK travel journalist, and the magazine (Geographical) is a sound publication I’ve written for in the past. They’re all people I trust.

Full competition rules you can read about here. And you can read some sample entries here. The important thing you need to know is that the competition has a closing date and it’s the 15th October 2010.  I  can’t enter it because we at the Travelmag are running their ad, otherwise I would.

For Travelmag writers, enter here.

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