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Editorials   27 Oct, 2010, 10:28
Winter read: a Warrior Odyssey  
David Calleja

Regular contributor Antonio Graffeco has spent the last ten years in Southeast Asia, learning all the major martial arts and becoming fluent in a slew of complicated languages. Somehow he’s also found time to write another book: David Calleja reviews it.

Africa, Europe   27 Oct, 2010, 10:10
Arab Spain’s poet king  
Habeeb Salloum

It wasn’t so long ago Spain was Islamic and ruled from Morocco. Seville, in particular, was the court of al- Mu’tamid ibn ‘Abbad. Habeeb Saloum tracks down his tomb in Marrakech to uncover an era of Moorish rule.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   26 Oct, 2010, 07:27
Singapore: certainly not boring  
Sumeet Lakhotia

Southeast Asia’s social star is far from dull, says Sumeet Lakhotia after a four-day visit. Apart from the city’s world-class attractions there’s the chance to watch expensive cars crash in its annual Grand Prix.

Europe   26 Oct, 2010, 07:09
Why a street is named ‘My Grandad’  
Dana Newman

When you talk about war in Czechoslovakia the next question is usually ‘Which one?’. Dana Newman uncovers her family’s violent history on a visit to the now-peaceful Czech Republic.

Europe   26 Oct, 2010, 06:50
A vineyard – in Yorkshire?  
Philippa Vanham

You don’t associate the UK with fine wines. But Philippa Vanham says that’s all changing, as she visits one of 390 little vineyards that have sprung up across Britain. Even Yorkshire, it appears, can produce a decent plonk.

Africa   26 Oct, 2010, 06:36
Mariam Kawinga: seamstress, Malawi  
Stefanie Giglio

When Stefani Giglio goes frock shopping, she does it in style. Armed with a sheaf of fabric she tracks down the best seamstress in Monkey Bay, and gets her dresses tailor-made.

Central Asia   19 Oct, 2010, 14:54
A strip-search for an Uzbek taxi  
Tom Coote

As a westerner, Tom Coote expects to be given the third degree when Militsia stop the taxi that’s – just about – taking him across Uzbekistan’s Kyzylkum desert. This time, however, it’s the car that gets it.

Africa   19 Oct, 2010, 14:21
License to flirt: Morocco’s ‘Marriage Market’  
Aaron Hochman-Zimmerman

In Morocco’s High Atlas mountains the annual ‘Fete Financiere’ presents the perfect chance for Berber boys to meet blushing brides. If they can get past the mothers, that is. Aaron Hochman-Zimmerman hitches along mountain tracks to the small village of Imilchil.

Central Asia   19 Oct, 2010, 14:03
Nepal’s little-known ‘To the Airport’ trek  
Anna Greenwood

In Khatmandu an angry Maoist demonstration disrupts Anna Greenwood’s airport transfer. Tempers run high and windscreens shatter. She’d have stayed to chat but had a plane to catch, so continues her journey on foot.

Asia Pacific   19 Oct, 2010, 13:49
Phuket with your family: top travel tips  
Christopher Dobie

Thailand is a great place to travel with your children. Photographer Christopher Dobie is a frequent visitor and for a gentle introduction to Southeast Asia recommends the island of Phuket.

Europe, Pole to Pole   13 Oct, 2010, 12:45
Greenland’s passenger ferries: all life is there  
Roland Boer

The world’s largest island has hardly any roads. Roland Boer takes a passenger-carrying icebreaker that crosses into the Arctic with Greenlanders on the move.

Central Asia   13 Oct, 2010, 12:30
Cool Karma on the streets of India  
Emma Higgins

Emma Higgins is used to travelling in the Europe, where you have to lock every backpack and still things get stolen. Her first visit to India is therefore quite an experience, as she discovers poverty and honesty can go hand-in-hand.

Europe   13 Oct, 2010, 11:52
What the heck is a Franc?  
Stephen Langlois

Switzerland is something of a mystery to Stephen Langlois, but a spectacular one. He finds the Alps look just like they do on TV but – after a night in a tent – perhaps colder.

Deals, Europe   5 Oct, 2010, 16:56
A driving tour of northern Spain  
Nicole Biarnes

After three years in Barcelona, Nicole Biarnes piles her belongings in a rental car to explore a part of Spain often missed by visitors, the northern provinces between Catalonia and the Atlantic beaches of the Basque region.

Africa   4 Oct, 2010, 12:09
Fleeced at poker in Botswana’s ‘Donkey Town’  
Steve Cartwright

Maun, Botswana, and Steve Cartwright doesn’t waste his energy on safari drives. Instead he settles in for an afternoon beer and a poker session with the wilder human predators of Africa’s finest backwater.

Asia Pacific, Deals   4 Oct, 2010, 11:55
Across Australia on the Indian Pacific  
Paul Joseph

Even though (or because) he sells air tickets for a living, Paul Joseph decides the five-hour flight between Perth to Sydney would be too easy. Instead he takes the train.

Africa, Middle East   4 Oct, 2010, 11:38
Morocco on a budget: cheap(ish) Africa  
Matthew Thomas

Armed with a Lonely Planet guidebook and an open-jaw plane ticket Matthew travels from Marakesh to Agadir.

Europe   4 Oct, 2010, 11:10
Back in time to a painful Berlin past  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead’s mother-in-law fled Germany just before the outbreak of World War II. So it’s only to be expected that a family visit to her childhood home will uncover painful memories.

Americas   4 Oct, 2010, 10:52
Off the power grid in British Columbia  
Matt Crawford

Canada’s Lasqueti Island is tantalisingly close to Vancouver but a step away in time. Matthew Crawford takes his bike to explore a solar-powered barter economy that dances to a different tune.

Asia Pacific   4 Oct, 2010, 10:32
Franz Josef Glacier: a masterpiece in ice  
Luke Gribble

Every visitor to New Zealand is urged to visit South Island’s most famous glacier. Luke Gribble finds the helicopter access brief and expensive, but the guided hike that follows makes his trip worthwhile.

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