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Hotels are so last century: hello crashpads

Working for Crashpadders it’s easy to argue its advantages (10% of the carbon footprint compared to a typical hotel guest; far less expensive), but the experience of Crashpadding really comes to life in the feedback we receive from the guests and hosts who’ve taken part, all of which is displayed onsite for future guests and hosts.

We decided to compile a small selection of feedback gems, after coming across the following from a Mr Nolan after his stay in Weymouth:
“This was our first experience of Crashpadder and it was great. Vanessa has a lovely home and is very welcoming and friendly. Lots of little baby frogs in the garden pond when we were there. Brilliant!”

Crashpadder experiences are as rich and varied as the people involved. So here they are, 10 snippets of reviews, each of which highlights something a Crashpad can offer that a hotel never would or could:

1. Creature comforts
The review: “There was no extra charge for cuddling with the two cats.“
The Crashpadder perk: Little details like this add real warmth and humanity to a stay. A review mentioning a friendly cat will often work wonders for a Pad’s popularity.

2. Local charm
The review: “…the village pub [was] right across the way. The village is a gem, full of thatched cottages and near the Thames footpath.”
The Crashpadder perk: Because of their size you’ll find Crashpads nestled in the types of places you’d never find chain hotels. Wherever there are local residents there are potential Crashpads.

3. Social butterflies
The review (host): “Very thoughtful and considerate Crashpadder who enjoys his gin and tonic!”
The Crashpadder perk: This review came from a hospitable Crashpadder host. Like many of our hosts she enjoys having a guest in the house and is more than happy to share a drink with them at the end of the day.

4. Nights to remember
The review: “Best part of our trip (which included Singapore & NZ)–Loved Maxine, had a wonderful time.”
The Crashpadder perk: A nice hotel is a thing to relish but Crashpadder guests often find a Pad offers more texture. A welcoming host can be worth ten patter-perfect concierges.

5. Making friends
The review (host): “They looked after the house as though it was their own. We’ve definitely made some new friends.”
The Crashpadder perk: This host’s review gives a real insight into common guest/host dynamics. While it’s not mandatory, making new friends is part of the Crashpadder ethos.

6. Free local expert
The review: “Yen was very kind he went out of his way to help us and recommend interesting places to see.”
The Crashpadder perk: Since each Pad comes with a free local expert, Crashpadder guests can find out about hidden gems and local favourites – the perfect antidote to the tourism conveyer belt.

7. Brave new world
The review: “My wife and I took a bit of a leap of faith with Crashpadder and Phil was our first attempt..Let me just say we could NOT have been happier!!”
The Crashpadder perk: Though the site does contain photos, details and often reviews of each place, staying in someone’s Pad is always a bit of an adventure – in stark contrast with the cookie-cutter hotel experience.

8. A family affair
The review: “It may not be central Cape Town, but it’s not that far of a drive to experience the kindness this family will show you.”
The Crashpadder perk: When you’re far from home, staying with a family can be an incredibly warm experience that gives you an idea of how people genuinely live in the part of the world you’re visiting.

9. A proper cuppa
The review: “The hosts […] were always there to offer a cup of tea – very welcome after our journey, and also very welcome when we got up!”
The Crashpadder perk: Those nasty little cartons of UHT milk are seldom seen in a Crashpad. Cups of tea and coffee usually come as standard, which is just the decent thing to do really.

10. …and relax.
The review: “I arrived as they were eating their evening meal. They immediately made a place for me and we ate and chatted away.”
The Crashpadder perk: Crashpadder hosts tend to be quite relaxed about sharing their space. It may be a monetary transaction on one level but on another a Crashpadder stay is a social one too.

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