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The Ozzie ‘Van Tour’ comes to Oktoberfest

Faces crunch with disgust and stomachs turn as people were forced to drink vomit, urine, beer and rotten food concoctions at an unorganised event, surrounding Octoberfest in Germany recently.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Van Tour and 100 Club is a unique annual travel adventure which often attracts Australians, New Zealanders, Brits and South Africans who live in London.

Van tour – the unorganised Eurotrip

If cruising around Europe in a spray-painted van with a bunch of randoms, drinking copious amounts of alcohol each night is your kind of thing then Van Tour has your name written all over it.

A New Zealand man who has been involved in Van Tour for the past three years says it’s an “unorganised tour” around Europe which is all about drinking every night, making friends for life and a little bit of sight-seeing.

About 70-100 vans fuel up each year for the epic journey which usually starts in Spain for Pamplona running with the bulls in July. The vans head off on their own route, or convoy, for the next three months before meeting again in Germany.

“We convoyed with four vans right from the start so there was always a good crew to hang out with,” Tim says.

“It’s up to the people within the van to decide where they want to head and what to do, but normally I have found over the last three years by the time you hit Eastern Europe everyone sticks together which is awesome.”

A typical Van Tour route
According to Tim, the popular three month route begins in Spain followed by Portugal and Morocco. The vans then head north through the east coast of Spain to France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Prague, Germany, Amsterdam and England.

100 Club – where it gets messy
Whether you’re the kind of person who will try anything once (even if it does mean drinking your own body fluids), or you’d rather hide behind your hand peeking through the gap in your fingers to see the fun, this needs to be ticked off your ‘must-see’ list.

100 Club is an annual drinking event which takes place in Munich before Octoberfest to celebrate the end of Van Tour.

After raving until sunrise in Ibiza, shooting vodka in Greece, and soaking up the hangover with pizza in Italy, everyone congregates at a free camping area near the Isar River Valley Conservation Area in Munich.

If your liver is still working and your taste buds are tingling for a unique alcoholic experience then 100 Club will be right up your alley.

Men and women sit on beer crates covered in food and flour while drinking a 35ml shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes.

If a player vomits or urinates they must drink it, or get someone else to, through a beer bong vessel, which is sometimes a muddy gumboot.

If the rules are broken cocktails are created from rotten discoveries in the vans such as raw eggs, tuna, rotten bananas, pickled onions and chilli.

While everyone goes into the game thinking a shot of beer every minute is easy, most people start bringing up their lunch after just a few shots sparking a chain reaction amongst players and the crowd.

Participating in 100 Club is not compulsory to join Van Tour.

The rules

• Judges can raid vans for disgusting food and drink products to be consumed by players when rules are broken.
• Judges can put anything into beer bongs.
• Judges can cover you in flour and food.
• Players must have their own vessel and shot glass.
• Players must supply their own beer.
• Shots of beer are to be consumed each minute for 100 minutes with one of the judges keeping time by smashing two pans together to clearly mark when drink time.
• If a players uses the toilet, vomits or urinates they must drink a penalty beer bong.
• If they do not drink the beer bong they are eliminated.
• Anyone wearing underwear will have it ripped off.
• No touching your face.
• No drinking with the right hand.
• No back chat.
• No arguing with the judges.
• Beer bongs can be given for any reason or no reason at all
• Players can get revenge on judges at the end (often urinating on them)

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