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Easter getaways from the UK

Easter is the perfect time for a weekend getaway, as it requires only a few days holiday tacked on to the end of the annual bank holidays to celebrate Easter Day and Good Friday. Europe is just about warming up at this time of year but the weather is not too hot for sightseeing and walking, and if you’re very lucky you might even get a tan. Cheap Tenerife flights, Portugal/Faro flights, as well as flights to destinations like Spain and Cyprus might even mean you can spend your break on the beach There are a huge number of European destinations to choose from when it comes to Easter break options but to make the choice that little bit easier, here are some of the most popular:

Spain is an extremely fashionable choice for an Easter break as the weather is relatively warm and there are plenty of things to see and do. Families might head to Malaga for some sightseeing and the golf courses and beaches of the Costa Del Sol only half an hour’s drive away; Grenada is the destination for anyone looking for some Spanish hospitality followed by a ski stint in the Sierra Navada Mountains only 27km away; and Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are all hugely popular spots when it comes to a cultural Easter weekend break that is filled with fine food and wine. Flights to Spain are available from around £50 with carriers like Easyjet and accommodation ranges from around £45 a night upwards.

Nearby Portugal is another well loved choice for an Easter weekend getaway. With some of Europe’s most lovely beaches, scenic river cruises and a wealth of history to get stuck into, it’s not surprising so many tourists choose it. Faro flights are available with low cost airlines from as little as £50. Accommodation in Portugal encompasses everything from a scenic villa, to an apartment overlooking the sea and there is something to suit all budgets.

With average temperatures of around 25 degrees centigrade, Tenerife is one Easter break destination where you have more chance of a tan than most. The country is famous for its beaches and tourists love the dolphin and whale watching excursions, as well as the fabulous local food. Tenerife flights are available with a large number of carriers, including Monarch and Thomas cook, from around £102. The tourist industry is well established in Tenerife, which means there are a huge number of accommodation options, including villas, hotels and apartments. Book early to take advantage of up to 70% discounts.

Cyprus sits at the crossroads of three continents and is an island with a split personality – the touristy south and the less developed north. Limassol in the south is a popular destination and the island’s largest seaside resort. It has a huge range of bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants and you won’t be stuck for things to do here. In the north, Kyrenia is a harbour town with superb scenery and plenty to see and do. The unspoilt beaches of the north of the island are legendary, particularly if you are looking to escape the more crowded areas in the south. Flights to North Cyprus make a stopover in Turkey or you can fly into destinations in the south like Limassol from around £200.

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