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When zombies roam the streets of Stockholm

The Zombies were out in force, bloody gory flesh eating zombies in their hundreds, moaning and screeching their way through Drottninggattan, the street linking the north island of the Stockholm to Gamla Stan – the old town. Dodging through the hoard with a coffee in one hand and a glass of water in the other I located Martin sat on one of the chairs outside Wayne’s Café and well out of harms way.

“And just who thinks that hot coffee in a glass is a good idea, I’ve burnt my fingers carrying that” I say to Martin who is thoughtfully scratching his Scandinavian beard.

“Maybe we should go to the van and get our chainsaws…we could out-run them for sure”

“Good idea” I reply through a noisy slurp of my piping hot latte. “There’s bloody hundreds of them; but I’m tired and need a caffeine boost”….

“What the hell is up with this weather?” says Martin, moving himself a little further under the café’s blue and white striped awning to get away from the unseasonal downpour.

“This is typical summer weather I fail to see the problem”

“This isn’t England”


We both laugh.

A waitress, an attractive young lady dressed in black with a long blonde pony tail, narrowly misses being swamped by the zombies to get to our table.

“Is this your avocado salad?”

“No” Martin and I reply in union – immediately regretting not saying yes for two reasons – firstly we are both hungry and secondly this waitress looked very annoyed at having had to come out into the rain and risking being chomped upon by one of the walking dead, for nothing.

And so she skitters back through the marching hoard of the undead, holding the plate up high so as to avoid any zombies accidentally getting any drool or leaking brain puss on to what could have been our free lunch.

So with grumbling stomachs we try and decide on what we should do for the rest of the day.

“We should go watch a film – maybe the New A-team”

“Sounds like a plan man”

We head off up towards the Filmstaden Sergel on Hötorget, the zombie hoard just ahead, marching past a man and woman talking about how finding Jesus saved their souls. As Krishna monks danced and banged their drums a dread-locked traveller sat playing a didgeridoo.

Just another non-average day in a non-average city.

Note: The Stockholm Zombie walk is an annual event every summer where thousands of Zombie fans dress up as their favourite, semi-decomposed living dead, human flesh muncher and take to the streets of Sweden’s Capital. Be there – or maybe just go see a film.

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