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World’s Best Poker Cities

One nice perk about being a poker fan is that you can travel to some of the world’s best cities and enjoy your favorite game. With the popularity of Texas Hold Em poker spreading to nearly every nook and cranny of the world, more and more cities are holding major live poker tournaments that draw players from around the globe, giving poker players the perfect chance to combine business and pleasure as they chase huge cash prizes in some of the world’s most glamorous and exciting locales.

Las Vegas has to take the crown of any list of world’s best poker cities, as there’s simply no other city that leaves and breathes gambling and poker like Sin City. The World Series of Poker is held every summer in Las Vegas and is a must-do pilgrimage for any serious poker player, with hundreds of millions of dollars awarded in prize money over the month-long series of poker tournaments. Many of the world’s top players also compete in daily high-stakes cash games at the Bellagio, Aria, and other Vegas poker rooms, so there’s always plenty of poker action no matter when you visit Vegas.

Los Angeles is another must-see city for poker players; while its poker rooms and casinos lack the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas they make up for it in size, as the famous “card-barns” of California are some of the world’s largest poker rooms and constantly packed with players who’ve just learned the poker rules to some of the highest-stakes games on the planet. A long flight from LA can put you in Melbourne and the Crowne Casino poker room, which plays host to the very popular Aussie Millions poker festival each January. Not only does the Crowne Casino provide a large, comfortable poker room with plenty of tournaments and cash games but Melbourne is an amazing city to visit.

Macau is a new, growing poker destination, with the same true of Tallinn and Riga. Western Europe also offers up a ton of amazing stops for poker fans, with Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Vienna, London, Barcelona, and Dublin all offering up plenty of poker tournaments and live cash games. Malta and Marrakesh have become popular poker destinations as well for those looking to get a bit off the beaten path.

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