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A brief guide to Los Angeles

Nicknamed the City of Angels, this is an iconic place to take a vacation. The second most populous city in the USA, closely followed by New York, this sleek city is a hub of business, entertainment and trade. The home of Hollywood and boasting a Mediterranean climate, this is a beautiful place for both work and play. Whether you want to pop by Walt Disney Concert Hall or check out the Griffith Observatory, there is an impossible number of things to do in this one-off gem. Generally considered the creative capital of the world, it’s thought that around one in six people in this city work in the creative industries.

If you are an aspiring artist, filmm-aker, writer or musician, this is the place your career could be made, and the place where the lucky elite end up. The motion picture industry is predominantly based here and the city even holds the prestigious Academy Awards. If you’re hoping to find cheap flights to Los Angeles then it’s best for you to seek them out online. The flights are usually around £500 with deals around offering returns for as little as £350. Some flights will cost more, so make sure you seek value for your money.

Unsurprisingly, this city also boasts a Disneyland. This Disney creation is split into seven uniquely themed lands, tailored down to the smallest detail including Tomorrowland, a vision of the future and Fantasyland, where you are up close and personal with Disney. There is also a Main Street USA and a jungle themed Adventureland. This Disneyland is unique in the fact that it was mainly designed by the father figure of Walt Disney himself. Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure are among the most popular rides in this otherworldly theme park. For a less pop-art outing, The Getty Center is a billion dollar museum and its budget is thought to be envied by galleries the world over. This is a beautiful and inspiring day out housing an eclectic collection that will appeal to many art lovers’ palates.

LA Gay Pride is one of the biggest pride events in America and whether you are gay or not, it boasts an amazing parade and a series of lively events, held in mid-June, this is worth a visit for every tourist who loves a good party. Sunset Junction Street Fair is another colourful festival, held in late August, it has recently started charging an entry fee, but with more than 200,000 visitors each year, it’s worth the price tag for the great music, great food and great company.

This is a city of contrasts with wealthy neighbourhoods such as Bel Air and Beverly Hills near poorer more lively neighbourhoods with mostly Mexican, African Americans, Japanese Americans and Thai populations. Ultimately, this city’s immensity is its greatest asset for tourists, meaning that there are a plethora of attractions and a changeable vibe meaning that your own location decides what you take from the experience.

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