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Why villa holidays are better than package deals

Choosing to take your holiday in a villa brings with it a number of benefits and advantages that will make for a superior break in comparison to simply staying in a hotel. With the number of luxury villas available to choose from these days being extremely high, it is guaranteed you will find somewhere perfect for you. After all, why put yourself in the risky position of being at the mercy of hotel services and management, when you can just as easily make all the decisions yourself and adapt your holiday base to your exact specifications?

This freedom of choice is the primary advantage villa holidays hold over their package deal counterparts, and the main reason many people opt for a stay in their own holiday home rather than a faceless, basic hotel. Having your own space is another bonus. Staying in a luxurious villa also takes you away from the crowded, oppressive bustle of the busy resorts and gives you a chance to escape the hordes.

On a practical level, avoiding a package deal in preference of staying in a villa simply, yet crucially, ties you down to no timetables, allowing you to plan your days to suit, rather than having to obey and follow a series of timetables. Many of the villas in Lanzarote have their own pool, thus negating the desperate early morning scrum for sun loungers in the prime positions. Meals are also taken at your leisure, allowing you to rest and relax rather than constantly keeping an eye on the clock to ensure you don’t miss serving time for dinner. Being free from a resort also gifts you the opportunity to sample the delights of local restaurants and other areas that you simply don’t get to see on a package deal.

When it comes to entertainment, it is the older children that are likely to be awkward to satisfy. The luxury villas Lanzarote accommodates, for example, tend to have a swimming pool, DVD player and even a games console fitted as standard, meaning boredom is kept at bay.

On a practical level, villas are more than likely to include washing and drying rooms. This is particularly useful for large families and means you are not at the mercy of the frequently temperamental washing facilities found in hotels.

Luxury villas Algarve style are just one of many examples of the quality of base you are guaranteed when choosing a villa holiday. Often set in the local area rather than amid a faceless resort, staying in a villa gives you the chance to see more of the place you have chosen to holiday in and a chance to explore and look beyond the traditional tourism traps and attractions. Luxury villas in Lanzarote, for example, are, if anything, cheaper to rent for a holiday than the amount charged by hotels for similar board.

What with all these benefits and advantages, from space and privacy to pretty much total freedom, it is clear that taking your holiday in a villa is the way to go. It’s your holiday, make the most of it.

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