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Why Choose a River Cruise?

Can you see yourself sitting on the deck of a cruise liner in the sun while you read your morning paper, with a view of the ocean at all sides? Or watching the sun set with nothing blocking your view as you sip a martini? Cruises have all the glamour of the movies behind them setting the expectation for luxury and unforgettable memories. Although the scenery around you changes, you keep all your creature comforts in the luxury of your cabin and maintain breath-taking views throughout your holiday, even in transit.

If you think a cruise is for you then a range of cruises around the world are available from river cruises through the waterways of Europe to sophisticated cruises in Russia, Egypt, China and even Canada. Whether you want a no-fly cruise, meaning that your boat leaves from Dover or Southampton, or a Discovery Cruise in an intimate liner with expert chefs on board and tailor made trips that, due to the petit size of the boat, let you access hard to reach places, a cruise is a glamorous and memorable option. There are even Elegant Cruises available; these are 5 star journeys in boutique ships that travel in Europe, Egypt and Russia and offer the height of luxury while letting you explore some of the world most beautiful cities. Wherever you want to have your adventure, cruising gives your holiday an edge. Even as you travel you get to relax, with the added benefit of only unpacking your bag once.

If you’re interested in a cruise then you should check out the USA trips, covering everywhere from colourful New England to chilly Alaska, vacations promising to be both beautiful and comfortable. Cruise down the Panama Canal stopping in Los Angeles or explore Alaska by sea soaking up the clear views and bathing in the peace and quiet. With a variety of cities and states to visit, and cruises that also include bus journeys and rail tours, Titan HiTours have created a series of holidays letting you explore as well as making sure you get the most out of your holiday.

There are a variety of different cruises available with a plethora of destinations, ships, prices and atmospheres meaning that you can pick and choose a package that’s tailored to suit your own needs. If you want a formal cruise, if you want to live in the height of luxury on a ship with great facilities or want to be on a more intimate ship like you’ll find on a river cruise, all of these options are there for you. A cruise is great value for money as meals, accommodation and facilities are included in the price, letting you relax without worrying about over-spending or booking a hotel in your next destination.

If you want to explore but hate the hassle of packing and unpacking then a cruise tour is perfect for you. Make friends on board in the friendly atmosphere of your temporary home.

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