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All inclusive holidays – the pros and cons

The popularity of the all-inclusive holiday has continued to rocket over recent years with more and more travel agents keen to push the option as something their customers might want if they want a hassle-free holiday option.

Last year, First Choice set tongues in the industry wagging when they decided to go exclusively all-inclusive, with many people suggesting that others might soon follow suit – but is there really any value in taking this kind of package option? Here are our list of pros and cons for all-inclusive holidaying abroad.

All inclusive – the pros

If you do decide that this is the option for you, there is the obvious advantage of potentially saving large sums of money. You won’t have to worry about over-tipping in an expensive restaurant or having to fork out cash every time you fancy a snack.

Another reason the all-inclusive can be great is because it cuts down on the level of pestering that parents must face. ‘can I have an ice cream?’ becomes a much easier question to answer when there is no budget to think about and the kids can often just feed themselves – just be careful they don’t eat so many sweet things that they get sick!

All inclusive – the cons

There are many of us who just want to do something a little less rigid when we head abroad. Your idea of preparation might be getting bike insurance before you hire a motorcycle to tour the country with nothing but a rucksack and a sombrero – and if it is, then all inclusive is most definitely not for you.

Get insurance first!

While you don’t exactly have to stay within the walls of your hotel for the duration of your holiday and something exciting to do might be just on your doorstep – why bother paying for food and entertainment you aren’t going to want?

Obviously, there is a certain security that comes with an all-inclusive holiday that many people will enjoy. However other people will think this their idea of hell. Do you want to be confined to where you eat and forced to eat only food that is prepared on the premises by the same chefs in the same kitchens in the same restaurants?

Or would you prefer the kind of free-spirited holiday that has you out looking for local cuisine and some of the best eateries in town? Well, only you can decide that, but just remember that all-inclusive is a great option – but not for those with a sense of adventure!

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