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The secrets of cheap travel

There’s a famous saying that travel is the only thing we spend money on that makes us richer. Whilst travel certainly enriches the mind, it does nevertheless have a habit of emptying our bank accounts.

Transport is without a doubt one of the most expensive components of any holiday. Knowing the best ways to spot a bargain on your journey can help to save you money – giving you the opportunity to enjoy more incredible experiences, rather than spending your entire budget just getting there.

Most affordable mode of travel

Budget airlines have changed the holiday industry remarkably with their flashy discounts – but travellers need to be wary of the pitfalls these deals really present.

Between online booking fees, credit and debit card taxes and on average between £10 – £100 in costs for check in luggage, ‘cheap flights’ rarely work out to be the most cost effective option. This is particularly the case for journeys around the UK, where flying usually works out to be a pricey option.

Travelling by car also presents a wide range of hidden costs, with some of the biggest expenses including the rising cost of fuel and the high parking tariffs in busy cities. Hiring a car is also an expensive experience, with insurance costs for younger drivers rarely working out to be worth it in the long run.

Whether your next destination is London, Edinburgh or anywhere in-between, train travel is likely to be the most affordable option, with a range of discounted train fares available. Knowing how to book the best train times and fares can slash hundreds of pounds off your journey, whether it’s for a UK holiday or just the everyday commute.

How to select the cheapest fare?

One of the tried and tested methods of getting the cheapest rail fare is to book in advance. We all know that the earlier you book, the cheaper they’ll be but few people realise the ideal window for early bird tickets is up to 12 weeks before you travel.

Other great ways to find discount train tickets is to always book online. This is because online sites offer the greatest potential for comparing and cutting costs. If you’re flexible with your travel dates then you may be able to pick up a cheaper deal midweek – travelling at weekend and peak times is always more expensive.

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