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A babycation in Cyprus

Once I became pregnant, nine months suddenly seemed a ridiculously short amount of time. After the months of waiting for a positive result, everything was starting to move on very quickly. In the first six weeks we had already received nine tiny outfits from enthusiastic friends and relatives! My husband and I had been together for eight years and had settled into a way of life. It was bizarre to think how all that would change. Things had changed already: the TV remote was impossible to locate due to the helpful magazines and baby books taking up all available surfaces and I’d given up wearing pencil skirts. Not to mention physical and hormonal changes.

When my husband suggested a holiday to relieve some of the stresses of pregnancy I thought he was crazy. ‘I can’t travel! I’m pregnant!’ I said. Unfazed by my accusing glare, which he had probably got used to by this time as I employed it a lot during morning sickness, he suggested I check with my doctor. I had no complications, so there was no reason why I shouldn’t travel, especially if it was before twenty-four weeks. The next step was to decide where to go. Cyprus seemed the perfect choice as it has that exotic climate, but isn’t far away. The flight time from the UK to Paphos airport is just under four hours. As we felt it was our last chance for a real couples holiday for a while, we chose the Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites adults only resort.

That’s how I ended up jetting off to a luxury holiday in Cyprus during my second trimester. A twenty minute taxi ride from the airport and we were at our hotel! Now the relaxation could begin. While we checked into our one-bedroom suite, we were seated in a lounge area and provided with drinks and nibbles. I immediately felt I would be well taken care of. Asimina Suites had a lot of nice touches like this to keep you feeling pampered. While we lazed beside the pool during the day, staff would come round with frozen fruit and cold towels to keep you refreshed. Complimentary bottled water was left in our suite each night without us asking; another thing not to have to worry about. The general atmosphere of the resort was calm and peaceful and, I think, really suited couples.

Fine dining at the Asimina SuitesThere were several places to eat within the hotel and we tried all of them. As you may have realised by now, I am quite a cautious person and I didn’t fancy risking unheard of local restaurants that much. The standard was definitely up to scratch. I particularly enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the Estia Restaurant with its delicious fresh fruit and fluffy pancakes. It was also lovely to dine beside the pool of an evening and look across at the palm trees and the open sea beyond. One night we dined on the pier, lit by candlelight and with a beautiful view of the waves. It really was as romantic as it sounds. A real treat!

The spa had a lovely range of treatments to choose from. I stayed away from the anything that would raise my core body temperature such as the steam bath and seaweed body wrap, because I’d heard these weren’t recommended during pregnancy. However, I still got to go in for a bit of pampering. I had the French manicure the day after we arrived and later in the week my hair washed and styled at the salon. When I returned to my husband, who was waiting on the sunbeds, he almost didn’t recognise me!

Asimina Suites looked after us well. Being pregnant is such a massive responsibility that going away for a bit of luxury was just what I needed. At the end of the week, I returned home feeling rejuvenated and ready for the joys and trials of the next few months.

Carley Hollis is a freelance travel writer who has written a number of articles for a wide range of online publications. She’s dedicated to finding out insider tips each time she travels and wants to live like a local at each new destination! She’s based in Edinburgh and is currently planning how to travel with a baby. 

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