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There’s more to the UK in 2012 than the Olympics

While the eyes of the world have been closely watching the Olympic Games in the UK this summer, life has been carrying on around the country regardless.

The UK hosts some of the best sites to be found for foreign travellers looking a European adventure. With the Royal Family being one of the country’s proudest ‘tourist attractions’, London is full to the brim of sites that everyone must visit at some point in their travelling lives. From the Tower Of London, to the Tate Gallery, countless museums and art galleries and a nightlife scene second to none.

London does not fully represent the whole of the UK it is important to note, and whilst film makers and the majority of television shows broadcast around the world show London life in its highs and lows, the world outside London is quite breathtaking.

With major cities throughout the country full of independent culture, from Birmingham through Newcastle, Edinburgh to Cardiff, no two points in the United Kingdom are quite the same, even the accents and dialects are incredibly different!

To visit the UK, a travellers accommodation options are as wide and varied as the folk you will meet on your travels. From 5 star hotels in every major city, to the most sumptuous bed and breakfasts in every seaside town, there is a comfortable pillow awaiting you throughout the land. One can Google holiday parks UK to find fantastic destinations like Parkdean where a little islands of entertainment and accommodation are scattered around every inland and coastland area. Whether in England, Wales or Scotland Parkdean cater for the local culture as well as the extravaganza of big budget entertainment productions and activities to keep the youngsters thrilled and the adults exhausted through options for themselves as well.

If you are feeling adventurous, close your eyes and point to anywhere on a map of the UK to find a wild adventure awaiting you as well as a cultural education all in one.

With the Olympic Games drawing to a close, the eyes of the world who have been enthralled by the BBC’s coverage will be looking to make the UK their next holiday destination. Thanks to Parkdean the majority of the hard work to find quality accommodation, entertainment and a memorable holiday has been taken care of.

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