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Five things to see in Australia (that you haven’t already heard of)

If you use a popular search engine to try and find five things to see in Australia, it will more than likely bring up some of the following overly familiar locations which you hear about routinely when Australia is concerned:

– Visit the Sydney Opera House
– Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
– Visit Uluru/Ayres Rock
– See Kangaroos on Kangaroo Island
– Go diving in the Great Barrier Reef
– Visit Ramsay Street from Neighbours!

Don’t get us wrong, these are all undeniably must-see tourist attractions, natural delights and locations and definitely need to be visited when you travel Australia. But let’s be honest, you probably already knew about the above without reading this article. So if you really want to go to Australia and if you really want to see something new that you haven’t already heard of, read on…

1 – Naracoorte Caves

These caves are a fantastic experience for those thrill seekers of all ages. This is a World Heritage Site right in South of Australia between Adelaide and Melbourne, with caves that are full to brimming with amazing fossils, stalagmites and stalactites. Adventure options can cater for those visitors that want to get rigged up in a helmet and torch, squeeze through tight spaces and explore deep underground chambers.

2 – Road Trips

Most visitors to Australia will be familiar with the popular 1000KM road trip down the aptly named Great Ocean Road. But for something a little different for those that really want to claim rights to truly seeing Australia, why not venture for the near 3000KM road trip from Darwin to Adelaide?

3 – Mount Gillen

This mountain offers not only a fantastic challenge, but also a worthy reward as those that make the walk to the top can be treated to some of the best views in Alice Springs and the Outback.

4 – Check out the Gold Coast views from Q1

The Bungle Bungles: pic Koala:Bear/Flickr

Q1 is the world’s tallest residential tower and one of the best places in Australia to get superb views of the Gold Coastline. Climb the tower and see sandy beaches in both directions right to the horizon from the observation deck.

5 – Bungle Bungles

The Bungle Bungles in Purnululu are a truly unique sight. Stretching as far as the eye can see, this strange formation of orange and black beehive-esque sandstone rocks are a great place to visit for some fantastic photo opportunities and activities in the North of Australia.

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