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Holiday and Travel Essentials

Whether you want to soak up the sun in Spain or go sightseeing in Sydney, there are some basic travel essentials that you will need to follow to make your holiday a success.

When to go

Wherever you are travelling to make sure you have checked out the weather for the time of year you are planning to go. In Spain the weather can be warm right into October but it may not be warm enough for sunbathing. If you are going further a field check that it isn’t rainy season.

Booking your holiday

These days it is very easy to book your own travel and holidays online without needing to visit a travel agent. Decide on your budget, length of stay and type of accommodation and then research your options on the internet. There are plenty of package options available for sun holidays to Europe but you can also book your flight and accommodation separately, which may save you some money.

Before you go

Before you go, make sure you have printed off copies of flight and hotel details if you have booked online. Put all essential travel documents in a folder or wallet to keep in your hand luggage. Take a copy of your travel insurance documents with you and leave another copy with someone in the UK in case of an emergency. Check you have the correct passport, that it hasn’t expired and that you haven’t picked up someone else’s accidentally.

Arriving at your destination

Once you have arrived at your holiday destination, familiarise yourself with your accommodation and find out who to go to if you have any problems. It can then be a good idea to take a little walk around the local area to see what restaurants, shops and activities are available. If you are in a tourist area, a visit to a tourist information area to pick up some leaflets or information can be a good idea to help you plan the rest of your holiday. If you are not planning on venturing far from the beach or the pool then all you need to do is find your beach towel, slap on some sun cream and enjoy your well earned break!

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