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The Five Best Budget Holiday Villa Destinations for 2013

Holiday villas rentals and group holidays have grown exponentially in the past 5 years. Ever since the recession we’ve all become more and more conscious of our wallets and our spending habits. However, a holiday is something few of us can go without and, though our spending may be down, we’re taking more holidays than ever before! Holiday villas are a great way to take a really budget holiday as you can split the costs amongst 4-20 people on incredible accommodation for unbeatable prices. Here we are going to look at 5 of the best budget villa destinations for 2013.


Bulgaria is the best budget destination in the world. It’s been rapidly developing its tourist infrastructure and is beautifully cheap. There are amazing holiday options in the country. There’s world class skiing in Bansko, there’s the historical delights of the capital Sofia and the golden sands and party towns of the Black Sea Coast.

With so many options for travel Bulgaria is a great holiday choice but what makes it even better are the prices. Flights from £50 return, beer at under £1 a pint, meals for a just a fiver – it’s a budget destination par excellence. Holiday villas can be snapped up for as little as £10 a night/person so there’s no reason not to holiday here.


The economic turmoil in Greece hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm for travel here and, to be honest, they haven’t massively affected holiday prices. Greece is still a beautiful destination with incredible sights, beaches and Mediterranean island paradises to die for! While accommodation hasn’t dropped excessively prices on food, drink and entertainment are still fantastically low. Flights start from £60 return, accommodation from around £20/night/person, beer starts from £1 a pint (though some of the more popular islands are a lot more expensive) and meals out are under £10 in local cafes and restaurants.

While you’re there you can laze on beautiful beaches, explore ancient Greek and Roman cities, party all night or just relax. There’s a huge amount on offer everywhere in Greece but if you want a very cheap holiday head to Athens as the unrest there means few travellers will be heading to the capital next year.


Spain is the most popular budget holiday destination in Europe; despite Bulgaria’s cheapness. It’s a beautiful country with the Mediterranean coast being the biggest draw thanks to its spectacular beaches. The Costa del Sol remains the best budget destination for sun worshippers, Barcelona offers the best experience for art and beach lovers who want a little history too (the Sagrada Familia is truly spectacular) , while the Atlantic coast stretching from Tarifa offers some of the best surfing and windsurfing in Europe!

In terms of costs everything is cheap; flights from £30, accommodation from £10, beer from 80p a pint and meals for £5. It’s a great destination for large groups to go for a long beach holiday and a huge amount of fun.


Though flights remain expensive to Thailand (at around £400 return) once you are there you can spend almost nothing a day on living, accommodation and entertainment. Known as a backpacker’s paradise Thailand has a huge amount to offer groups, families and, well, everyone. The highlights are the beaches; with Phuket, Railay and Ko Phangan offering some of the very best villa destinations in the world. However, you should also consider staying in the countryside or near the cities. Bangkok with its temples and sprawling bustle is incredible while Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are equally impressive with plenty of sites. Thailand is the best budget destinations for longer trips with everything there costing a fraction of our own prices.


Egypt has had a rough few years and the revolution there during the Arab Spring in 2011 is likely to have a continuing large impact on tourism. Prices during this year have been incredibly low with popular resorts like Sharm el Sheik offering villas and other accommodation at under half usual prices. The country is relatively safe and you won’t have anything to worry about along the Red Sea – which means you can have an amazing holiday at an unbeatable price. The Red Sea beaches are incredible but you should also consider a day trip to see the pyramids or some of the other incredible sights on offer in the country. Prices are wonderful with accommodation from around £20 a night, beer for under £1 and meals for around £3. 2013 will be a great opportunity to see one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Villas holidays are a fantastic way to save a lot of money whilst still visiting beautiful locations and having amazing holidays. You can find incredible deals for Villas on HomeAway to wide variety of exciting, enticing, exotic and budget friendly destinations. Wherever you choose to go we wish you an incredible holiday.

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