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Dining in Dubai: restaurants with a view

Luxury hotels, super-yachts, designer shopping, and lush world-class golf resorts, are just a few of the attractions that bring nearly ten million visitors to Dubai every year; not to mention the scorching-hot beaches, desert safaris and the only indoor skiing in the region. A destination that relies on such glitz and opulence must of course offer a similar level of magnificence in its food and dining, and there’s plenty of choice to guarantee that visitors won’t be disappointed.

Whatever restaurant is chosen in Dubai, good food and a warm and friendly service from the locals will always be found, but in this emirate that has invested heavily in the architecture and landscape of its cities and coastline, restaurants with a view are a particular speciality:

At.Mosphere, the world's highest restaurant

At.Mosphere in the Burj Khalifa tower is the world’s highest restaurant at 442m above the ground. It takes a full minute in the lift to reach the 122nd floor where the restaurant is split across two floors: the grill, which offers grilled, broiled or baked options; and the lounge, serving drinks, a light lunch or afternoon tea. The grill menu offers a delicious selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, with an impressive choice of beef from around the world.

The Bateau Dubai is no ordinary floating restaurant. Surrounded by glass, the split-level interior is reminiscent of a fine London restaurant with mood lighting and polished wood creating an intimate atmosphere with live music. Between courses, diners can walk on deck to see the ever-changing views of the creek coastline at night. All on board are served in a single sitting, but from the moment of arrival, the staff will bring a steady supply of appetisers, amuse bouches, and bread before the à-la-carte three-course meal.

Al Mahara: in with the fish

Diners can visit the Après ski bar for a casual but good quality meal in a less formal atmosphere. Located in the Mall of the Emirates overlooking Ski Dubai, visitors will catch all the action of the brave and the reckless on the ski slope (the latter offering the best entertainment, of course!). The menu offers traditional but well-cooked bar food, like pizza, steak, and burgers, but diners will also find something a little more interesting in the cheese fondue and Italian desserts.

Al Mahara in the Burj al Arab is Dubai’s only underwater restaurant. The opulent dining room surrounds an aquarium and guests will be watching marine life from eels to sharks swim just a few inches away while eating. The food offered is undoubtedly some of the best to be found in the city, but the price reflects this.

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