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Top Emerging Travel Destinations

For travel enthusiasts, destination options are nearly limitless. The world is simply full of fascinating places to visit and spend time. So, whether it’s packing a suitcase and flying to a remote island to enjoy a bit of beautiful solitude, or something a bit more simple like tuning up your car, updating your insurance, and taking a road trip around the UK, it’s always worth looking into new and emerging destinations. While there are several countries and regions of the world that are perennially considered top travel destinations, there are also always new places emerging as favourites for those who enjoy frequent travel. Here is a look at a few specific destinations that have become more popular in recent years.


Despite a somewhat turbulent reputation in the eyes of many outsiders, Colombia has emerged as a gorgeous and fascinating travel reputation that figures to become far more popular in the coming years. Featuring a great deal of variety – jungles, high mountains in the Andes, colonial cities, and even coastlines on both sides, at the Atlantic and Pacific oceans – Colombia offers a very dynamic vacation opportunity. In particular, Cartagena is recommended as one of the most genuine and enjoyable colonial cities in Central or South America.


Uganda has experienced its own share of turmoil and misfortune for many years, but things seem to be stabilizing, and the country is once again become a fascinating tourism destination. With stunning wildlife and a number of incredible safari and gorilla tracking options, Uganda can offer you an experience that you can only find in a couple of places in the world. Incredibly friendly locals only enhance the experience!


Argentina has been on the map for years as a tourist destination, but it seems that it is becoming more popular each year, so to say it is emerging isn’t a stretch. A trip to Buenos Aires offers you one of the most incredible experiences in the world, with a mix of legendary nightlife, top class accommodations, and beautiful beaches. This is about as complete a vacation as you can find in the world.


One of the more fascinating destinations in the world, Bhutan is remarkable largely for its ability to maintain traditions of the so-called old world without giving in to westernization. Bhutan’s rulers have taken great pains to keep things this way, and the result is that a trip to Bhutan will expose you to one of the most natural environments in the world. There is some technology, and the people are by no means ignorant of the rest of the world – however, a conscious choice to keep their country natural and simple has preserved an incredible portion of the world. Another interesting thing to keep in mind if you visit Bhutan is that this country measures its success in “Gross National Happiness!”

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