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Central Asia   30 Jan, 2013, 16:45
Under arrest in the market at Bishkek  
Jason Smart

Jason Smart gets himself into trouble in Osh Bazaar, Kyrgyzstan. Somehow he comes to the attention of some bored policemen.

Europe   30 Jan, 2013, 15:49
London to Brighton – by bike  
Kate Marillat

A couple of sporting wins have caused bicycle mania to grip the UK, something the climate has yet to quench. Kate Marillat says a push-bike is perfect for exploring southern England.

Editorials   30 Jan, 2013, 15:38
Travel light and launder: a new wash bag makes it easy  
Jack Barker

To travel light you need to be able to quickly wash clothes on the move. Jack Barker finds the newly-invented Scrubba™wash bag is a great solution to a daily problem.

Central Asia, Middle East   18 Jan, 2013, 16:26
A leisurely pedal across today’s Afghanistan  
Charlie Walker

It’s hardly a usual destination for a cyclist. But getting a visa is easy so Charlie Walker seizes the opportunity to visit a country that may soon, once more, close its doors to the West.

Africa   17 Jan, 2013, 15:07
Watching Sudan divide: two countries or one?  
Richard Boggs

Africa’s newest states are the two new results of the Sudanese rift. Richard Boggs’ new book, ‘Becoming Plural’, is an entertaining and informative guide to this little-known region: read this extract online.

Europe   17 Jan, 2013, 13:03
To see all Russia’s highlights, follow a bride  
Bonnie Lynn

There’s an easy way to find Russia’s iconic sights, says Bonny Lynn. Wait for a sunny weekend then just follow a bride: they invariably tour the highlights with a cameraman in tow.

Deals, Editorials   14 Jan, 2013, 14:59
Why and when to arrange travel insurance  
Teresa Turner

What kind of accidents can you have when you’re travelling and what does travel insurance cover? Teresa runs through what is and isn’t likely to be be included in a standard policy.

Africa   13 Jan, 2013, 11:33
Taarab music at Zanzibar’s music festival  
Mark Gillies

Don’t let anyone tell you music is un-islamic. Mark Gillies takes the tempo of Tanzania’s largest island in Zanzibar’s annual ‘Sounds of Wisdom’ festival.

Europe   12 Jan, 2013, 19:06
Going solo in the heart of Germany  
Tracey Gooch

Berlin’s attractions shine all the brighter for Tracey Gooch as she explores alone. This is one city where the freedom of solitude lets you launch out in style.

Deals, Europe   10 Jan, 2013, 12:25
Golf and Scotland go hand in hand  
Monica Martinez

Scotland’s best for golf, says Monica Martinez, as she finds even the tiny Isle of Jura (population 200) is planning to build a private 18-hole golf course.

Editorials   10 Jan, 2013, 11:56
Best on the planet: a traveller’s guide  
Jonathon Engels

The world’s iconic sights have to work hard to impress Jonathan Engels. Here he runs through those world highlights that really do impress.

Europe   10 Jan, 2013, 11:15
An unlikely ski resort – in Greece  
Demetrios Ioannou

The Greek economy might be in meltdown, but that’s not true of the snow on Mount Parnassus. Demetrios Ioannou takes to the slopes.

Pole to Pole   7 Jan, 2013, 15:40
Extravagant travel for trust fund babes  
Jack Barker

For some travellers money is no object. Jack Barker runs through some travel options for those young women with more cash than Caligula who want to see the world in style.

Central Asia   7 Jan, 2013, 15:28
Tripods at the ready for sunrise over Angkor  
Shampa Chatterjee

Cambodia’s iconic Khmer ruined city is spectacular at any time of day, but Shampa Chatterjee finds it at its best as dawn breaks over the mellow stone temple spires.

Deals, Europe   7 Jan, 2013, 10:29
Austrian Ski Holiday Guide  
Craig Cameron

Austria is one of Europe’s most popular countries for skiers, and it’s perhaps not surprising why: there are resorts to suit all standards. Craig Cameron runs through some of your options.

Europe   7 Jan, 2013, 10:27
When in Rome, follow Rick Steves’ restaurant reviews  
Dan Beckmann

At large in Italy’s capital, Dan Beckmann tracks down a restaurant recommended by Rick Steves. America’s favourite guide to Europe proves that on this occasion, at least, his judgement is spot on.

Africa   7 Jan, 2013, 10:20
Bicycling across borders: Africa’s ‘Tour de Tuli’  
Jonathan Trollip

Forget the Tour de France. Jonathan Trollip takes part in it’s African variant, taking in bits of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, clocking up way too many miles in a headlong, dusty pedalfest.

Europe   4 Jan, 2013, 19:00
A bright New Year with a Butlins short break  
Teresa Turner

As winter closes in on the UK, Teresa Turner suggests a break in Butlins can roll in some fun and lift tired spirits: just what you need to brighten the year.

Americas   4 Jan, 2013, 18:44
Guatemala’s breathing rainforest, under threat  
Mary Jo McConahay

Eastern Guatemala is largely covered by the brooding, dense greenery of the Petén. But one of Central America’s largest tracts of jungle is, increasingly, under threat. Mary Jo McConahay outlines the greatest dangers.

Asia Pacific   3 Jan, 2013, 21:42
Drugged and robbed in the Philippines  
Kevin Teeven

Manila can be a bad place to open up to strangers. A spiked beer leaves Kevin Teevan relieved of his cash but the kindly thief leaves his passport and even returns him, unconscious, to his hotel.

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