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Why and when to arrange travel insurance

Dealing with unexpected and unwanted crisis when you are travelling can be an exhausting process. When planning any form of travelling an incredibly important task is considering your travel insurance options. It is a good idea to bear in mind these potential risks and the incidents typical travel insurance will cover you for.

Outdoor activities such as hang gliding; water sports; winter sports or climbing all carry an element of risk. Caution must be exercised when undertaking these activities in countries with poor safety records. It is important that you have access to the correct safety equipment and that you know how to use it. If the nature of your trip means you’ll be participating in such activities you may need additional travel insurance covering higher-risk activities. Endsleigh insurance offer bespoke winter sports travel insurance; more information is available from

The risk of being involved in a road traffic accident is higher when you are travelling. This is particularly true if you are driving. Driving laws and conventions differ country to country and not being familiar with them can put you in substantial danger. Some popular travelling locations have poor roads and road safety standards compared to the United Kingdom. All travel insurance policies will offer some form of cover for medical expenses however injury is incurred – especially in countries that do not have a universal health care system.

The risk of personal injury caused by blameless accidents such as trips, falls or similar exists when travelling as it does at home. The chance of personal injury due to poor building or safety standards is slightly higher travelling than at home. The vast majority of travel insurance policies will cover you if you need to cut your travelling short or otherwise change your plans due to personal injury to yourself or one member of your party.

Travellers in unfamiliar cities and countries are often an easy target for criminals. This is because travellers often carry money on their person and may not be aware of local crime hotspots. To avoid being the victim of crime abroad it is worth consulting the foreign and commonwealth office’s website. Their website publishes any high criminal risks for every country. Many forms of travel insurance protect your losses from lost or stolen property. Endsleigh includes this range of cover in their holiday insurance package.

Some countries and territories have a history of political instability. Consulting the foreign and commonwealth office’s website will advise travellers of any risk of political unrest or rioting and whether or not travel is advised. Travel insurance does not typically cover you if you cancel your plans because of political unrest. This makes your research even more important.

Almost all travel insurance packages will cover travellers if they must cancel their travelling plans before departing due to unforeseen circumstances such as family bereavement or illness. To take advantage of their cover, you should arrange your travel insurance cover as soon as you begin making financial commitments to your travel plans.

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