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Central Asia   28 Feb, 2013, 09:04
Whistling to victory in Chennai, South India  
Paul Joseph

That whistling is a competitive sport came as news to me: and that it has an international organisation that flies competitors around the world. Paul Joseph takes a break from teaching Sociology to watch Indian teams compete.

Asia Pacific   24 Feb, 2013, 21:49
If your Minsk doesn’t smoke – add oil  
Richard Baker

Richard Baker finds a 100cc Russian motorbike well up to the challenge of touring rural Vietnam. It can even tow Hondas out of sticky situations.

Central Asia, Middle East   24 Feb, 2013, 10:53
Reasons Order College Dog Jerseys  
Aaron Brooks

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Central Asia   14 Feb, 2013, 23:11
Hot mint in Chennai: welcome to India  
Colin Todhunter

Southern India comes to life for Colin Todhunter, as he watches the ancient city of Madras stir its limbs to fight a new day.

Asia Pacific   9 Feb, 2013, 18:43
Strolling safely up Pattaya’s ‘Walking Street’  
Brian Fisher

Brian M Fisher has been on the world quite long enough to be able to cope with the shocks and surprises of Thailand’s nightlife. But even he is disturbed by new developments.

Americas   9 Feb, 2013, 17:01
Motorbikes at the ready: Sturgis, South Dakota  
Brett Gordon

Mild-mannered teacher Brett Gordon rests up in Sturgis, a sleepy Meade County town of 6,000 residents. But it’s just gearing up for its annual Bike Rally, with 600,000 visitors expected, and she has to learn more.

Europe   9 Feb, 2013, 16:08
A snowy hike from Poland to Slovakia  
David Zlatin

David Zlatin explores Poland for a few days, including some morbid time in Auschwitz, but then shoulders his backpack and hikes across the mountains into Slovakia.

Deals, Pole to Pole   8 Feb, 2013, 08:29
SUV exploits to drive your new year  
Cathy Richmond

Make this the year of the major Road Trip. Cathy Richmond runs through some of the world’s finest SUV driving routes.

Africa   7 Feb, 2013, 22:20
Strolling up Mount Kenya (not)  
Binod Shankar

While sponsored tourists follow the Coca-Cola route up to Kilimanjaro, there’s a far better East African mountain within easy range. Binod Shankar takes a leisurely stroll up Mount Kenya, a steeper, snowier and more challenging option.

Asia Pacific   7 Feb, 2013, 13:46
Hong Kong Phooey  
Rhiannon Haydock

Hong Kong is not commonly considered as a ‘top 10’ holiday destination; but for Rhiannon Haydock, it’s the world’s number one island.

Europe   1 Feb, 2013, 18:46
A disastrous attempt on Scotland’s Ben Nevis  
John Parker

In a bid to impress, John Parker embarks on a doomed attempt to guide two Norwegian girls up one of Scotland’s largest mountains. As he’s never been higher than a rooftop bar things soon go badly wrong.

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