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Amsterdam Getaway: things to do and places to visit

Amsterdam most probably comes to mind whenever a trip to the Netherlands is planned. This Dutch city is almost an instant destination for travelers looking for a relaxing vacation within the city. There are certainly no shortage of great spots to visit and things to do in this beautiful place. Perhaps the most famous city in all of the Netherlands, Amsterdam never runs out of something unique to offer visitors and vacationers. After settling with your family and friends in cheap Amsterdam apartments that you booked in websites such as, it would be best to explore the city as soon as possible

If you have no idea as to what to visit or do when you get here, below are some ideas:

1. Visit the Anne Frank House. This museum is where Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank hid to avoid the Nazis. The Anne Frank House is located on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam and is frequented by tourists both local and foreign. The house shows the secret rooms and hiding places used by Anne Frank and her family to avoid persecution by the Nazis.

2. Take a peek at De Wallen. Amsterdam’s red light district is quite popular, but not all tourists visit here just because of the beautiful ladies. The various establishments such as the cafes and adult shops can prove to be a fascinating albeit a little strange sight to most. Some may also find the culture in this area to be interesting, with people from all walks of life—police, clerics, prostitutes—freely interacting with each other.

3. Go on a Food Trip. Just like any other place, Amsterdam is home to various restaurants that offer delectable Dutch and foreign dishes. Foodies will definitely have a great time dining at the famous Balthazar’s Keuken and De Kas restaurants. People who crave for Asian, most specifically Indonesian cuisines, can’t go wrong by dining at Blauw. The variety of dishes and menu offered by the restaurants in the city will surely delight everyone’s taste.

These are just some of the activities that you can try when visiting Amsterdam. Make sure to maximize your stay here and enjoy the fantastic experience that the city has in store for you.

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