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Ten less-known facts about tigers

Tigers form an integral part of Indian wildlife. The Tiger Reserves in India are known for preserving the largest populace this endangered species. On one hand tigers are regarded as one of the most furious predators and on the other, they are acknowledged for their magnificent beauty. That’s not it; this beautiful predator is an interesting creature too. There are various not so known facts about tigers that a wildlife lover can’t afford to miss. Read below to know tigers from a closer angle.

The paralysing roar

The frightening roar of the tiger can be heard over a mile away and has the power of paralysing its prey. It’s not only animals that get rattle by the roar, but also humans.

Tigers are not just man eaters

Tigers are known to be man eaters, but animals like frogs, porcupines, tortoise, monkeys and deer are equally delicious to be served as their dinner.

The biggest cat species

Tigers are believed to be the biggest cat species existing on the planet. The lightest tiger weighs 250 pounds and the largest is 500 pounds and more. Weight of the tigers differs as per subspecies. A Siberian male tiger of 1,025 pounds made his place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest tiger.

Brilliant vision at night

This magnificent predator is known to be blessed with very good vision. In the day time, the vision is as accurate as of a human, but at night their visibility sense gets six times better than man.

Pic: Charliej/flickr

Tiger stripes are like finger prints

The beautiful stripes that add to the beauty of tigers are similar to finger prints, as no second stripe identical to the other.

They love to live alone

Tigers are solitary creatures. Unlike other cat species like loins, they love to live alone in their separate territory and enjoy attacking their prey individually. The only exception to this solitary residing is female tiger with cubs. The cubs stay with the mother for initial 2 years and thereafter they move away to make their own territory.

Their tail plays an important part

The tail of the tiger is half as long as its body. The tail helps wild creatures to make a balance when they run and take fast turns. Further, they use their tail while communicating with other tigers.

Tigers have a unique eating habit

Studies have revealed that a tiger can eat around 100 pounds of meat in a single night. However, when a tiger eats a wholesome meal as per his appetite, he can go days without food.

Don’t turn your back at tigers

Everyone is well aware of the fact that tigers are very quick, violent and aggressive in nature. Never turn your back to tigers as they take a stalking position to attack. Even the zoo keepers have noticed this trait of the tigers.

They live long in captivity

10 to 15 years is the usual life span of a tiger; however, this increases to 20 years if they are in captivity.

These were top ten lesser-known and interesting facts about tigers. With these facts your next visit to the renowned tiger reserves of India like Corbett tiger reserve, Sunderban tiger reserve, Bandhavgarh tiger reserve etc. would turn extra enthralling.

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