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Pembrokeshire Caravan Trippin’

St Davids is the smallest city in the whole of the UK. With its quaint town square, cosy pubs, cute shops and cafes, you’ll be well served on the eating, drinking and shopping front. The fantastic St Davids cathedral is the main draw for most people, but any visitor shouldn’t forget the surrounding countryside and coast is just as impressive.

St Davids nestles on the very western tip of Pembrokeshire and features fantastic beaches, plus bracing walks with plenty to see and do for the less strenuous types amongst us. Whatever your preference, there’s bound to be something on offer to help you while away the hours.

St Davids

We hit St Davids on Friday night after travelling most of the day. By the time we rolled into town it was dark which meant there was only one thing for it – pub!

My wife and I decided on the Farmers Arms, where we enjoyed some hearty grub (and very nice it was too!) and a few real ales. Having already dropped off the caravan we decided it would be rude not to try out the second of St Davids’ drinking holes and dutifully entered the City Inn.

Feeling well and truly relaxed we had one of the staff call us a taxi and hit the hay.

The following day we headed back into town to check out the stunning St Davids cathedral. With its dominant presence, the structure has been in existence since the 12th Century. A popular pilgrim destination that’s been attracting visitors since the Middle Ages, the cathedral is what gives St Davids its city status.

After a couple of hours wandering around and checking out the Cathedral and ruins of the Bishops Palace, which is next door, we decided to hit the beach as the surf was calling…


As its namesake suggests, Whitesands is a large expanse of white sand beach that’s guarded by the craggy Carn Llidi hill overlooking the bay.



A fantastic beach for surfing and watersports, we entered the car park to find a buzzing vibe with many types of sea going craft being made ready for their sessions in the afternoon surf.

We grabbed our boards and headed for the main peak which is at the northern end of the beach. On sunny days such as this the water is a brilliant blue in colour and all the natural hues of the surrounding countryside literally jump out at you as you sit in the line-up waiting patiently for your next ride.

Within a few hours the wife and I were both cooked and it was time for food and refreshments.

As we trudged back up the beach the lifeguards were busying themselves patrolling the surf zone and swimming area – comforting for those less confident who still fancy a dip.

‘Van life

Back at the caravan site we fired up the barbie and began grilling up some nosh as an amazing sun set signalled the end of play for this particular day. With the smell of cooking wafting across our camping area the anticipation of a good feed was almost unbearable.

After gorging ourselves on burgers and bangers we cracked open a bottle and listened to the sound of silence. The distant rumble of waves breaking against the cliffs and the occasional car somewhere not too far away were all we could hear. Peaceful summed up how we felt.

With our feet up and blankets wrapped around our bodies to protect against the slight night time chill we stargazed for a while before retiring wearily to the comfort of our bed where we dreamed of the following day’s proceedings.

Back on the road

As this was our last day in Wales we packed up the caravan, hitched it to the car and made our way back into St Davids to find a hearty breakfast.

This time we decided to check out the Sampler tearoom and coffee shop that doubles as a museum, displaying samples of antiques based on ever-changing themes.

After wolfing down a fantastic cheese scone and latte coffee we were back on the road. We said our farewells to beautiful St Davids and struck out east.


We didn’t actually get too far on our journey home as the plan was always to stop off at Newgale and check out the surf here.

Sweeping down a horseshoe shaped road with perfect views of the bay is breath taking. As you drop onto the flat right next to the high tide pebbles you can’t help but crane your neck to see over the top of the rise – just be careful not to drive off the road!

We pulled into the main car park at the east end of the beach and were greeted with waist high peelers that begged us to ride them. In no time at all we were in amongst the Newgale swells.

Soon enough it really was time for the trip home. We exited the surf and prepared ourselves for the journey.

Homeward bound

With a warm glow inside and memories of a fab weekend, St Davids and Pembrokeshire had already etched itself into our subconscious.

Heading back along the M4 we both vowed that it wouldn’t be long before we’d be back, caravan in tow, boards in the back.

By Tez Plavenieks, watersports fanatic and travel writer on the C4Caravans blog,

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